Astro-Insight for September 19-25, 2022

This is Kathy Biehl of Empowerment, with Astro-Insight for the week of September 19th, 2022. After any big change, someone entering a family, a divorce, a corporate restructuring, anything like that, there’s always a period of playing catch up, getting used to what it means for you personally, and then all of the different players in the situation reallocating and rearranging what their dealings with each other are going to be. That’s where we are this week. This week, we are playing catch up with our hearts, with our desires, with our relationships in a really, really big way. And we’re setting some new parameters in place that we’re going to be trying out and working with through the end of the year. Three big influences are behind this and all of them have Venus playing a role. Venus is the love goddess. Venus represents what we value, what we desire.

She is the one who calls the dance, whatever mode she’s in, whatever sign she’s in, has a very palpable effect on how everyone gets along. so, social interactions. We begin the week with her doing both cleanup work and advance work because she contacts Uranus, the agent of unavoidable change, who’s sitting at the same place he’s been since the beginning of July. It’s a trine; it’s an easy flow. There is an easy effortless unlocking, illumination, outbursts of “ahas!” and epiphanies, relationship breakthroughs, things starting to fall into place based on effort that’s already happened. There’s nothing you have to do this time. And as soon as this happens, there’s a check in with the ruler of order, structure, the planet of adulting, the guy who likes to follow the rules. So something new happens easily, effortlessly involving desires, relationships, values, maybe creativity, maybe money. And then immediately there is an adjustment that is required by Saturn, planet of adulting, party pooper of the Zodiac

Something about accountability, calming down, finding structure, maybe stabilizing. Whatever this change is requires changing some things in your situation, in your agreements. And this one-two step is part of the groundwork for the square between Saturn and Uranus that’s coming at the beginning of October. So we are making initial preparations for another, and let’s say final, round of testing in a process that’s been going on since the beginning of 2021. And as all of this is falling into place, the Equinox occurs, the September Equinox. The sun enters Libra on the 22nd this year, which launches autumn in the Northern hemisphere spring in the Southern hemisphere. It’s an exuberant and complicated chart because the ruler of Libra, Venus, has just made these catching up and ground laying contacts, which are still kind of hovering in the air as the Equinox chart occurs. And also because the sun is fused with Mercury, planet of communication, opposite Jupiter, a very complicated way of saying that there’s incredible exuberance, a lot of energy, a lot of thought, a lot of rethinking. Because mercury is retrograde

There could be people from the past showing up like crazy in your minds, in your social media feeds, in your message box, in front of your face. And you could be experiencing learning, discovering all kinds of unfinished business, facts you didn’t know, clearing up all kinds of assumptions that were the basis of this behavior or that decision. And again, since this is occurring at the equinox, it’s fused into the chart and stays with us until the solstice. Then the retrograde feel immediately shifts; Mercury scoots back into his earth home base of Virgo and we start really learning about details, tripping over details, reviewing details, examining all kinds of things in our lives, from a point of view of critiquing, how can we clean this up? How can reorganize it? How can we make this better? The process likely entails getting a different look at all kinds of things that have happened in relationships, which I’ve already mentioned, coming at us from a slightly different direction with Venus opposing Neptune, with the worldly and unearthly rulers of love and inspiration, stretching the length of the gap between the earthly and the higher or unearthly leading into the Venus-ruled Libra new moon on the 25th in the sign of relationships.

So that’s what we’re doing all week. We are rethinking, we’re cleaning things up. We’re changing things. We are changing what we want. We’re changing structures. We’re adapting to new situations. We’re seeing things from a different perspective. Maybe we see how we fooled ourselves. Maybe we have a little bit more compassion for things that have happened. We know our own mind much more clearly. And then we plant new seeds for what we’re going to build. And again, there’s an exuberance and an

Optimism and a larger than life quality to this because the moon is opposite bigger-is-better Jupiter retrograde in the sign of Aries, which he will back out of later in October, I have a longer discussion of the personal implications of the equinox chart at my Patreon available at the $5 level and on my YouTube channel of the chart’s probable impact on the midterms and various political developments in the United States.
Homing thought of the wee:. How does this benefit me?
Song of the week: It’s an oldie oldie, oldie, oldie, Free to Be … You and Me, the theme song to a television special. I think in the seventies that Marlo Thomas produced and
The image of the week is two groups of people sitting opposite each other at a conference table in an attorney’s office, negotiating a contract.
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