Astro-Insight for September 12-18, 2022

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of September 12th, 2022. The atmosphere is a bit woozy from the dual punch of Mercury stationing retrograde on the ninth and the Pisces full moon on the 10th with Neptune as part of the party. Don’t be surprised if you’re wandering around a bit wondering what’s real, what is illusion; are you crazy or other people crazy? Maybe you just feel like hanging out with some canned cocktails or wine coolers or, oh, I don’t know, products that have Delta in the name, but as the week goes on, it is very, very likely that you’re gonna get motivated. You’re gonna at least be talking about things, possibly cleaning up your thinking, cleaning up the papers around you, doing something to start making what you want that’s healthy show up in your life. And by the end of the week, probably something is gonna be very clear

That was completely shrouded at the beginning of the week. And the funny thing is you might not have even realized whatever this is was shrouded in fog. A lot of what’s swirling around us has roots way back at least months back, maybe much longer than that with the five outer planets retrograde and Mercury retrograde as well. This gives a retrospective feel and it also affords lots of opportunities to take a second look, to go back over things, to go deeper into things, to pull stuff out and put it to the light. And the combined effect of what’s going on this week leads to a “we’ve gotta get to the bottom of this” and then, “Ooh, we’re getting to the bottom of this” vibe. So those of you who are out there freaking out about various things going on in the collective news, this could be a really important revelatory time, but back to you because that’s the most important thing, honestly, seriously, that’s what your focus really truly is best on. The week begins with some kind of lesson about maturity, responsibility, adulting, putting your big kid

Pants on, owning up to something, doing something because it is the sane and sober thing to do, possibly for your community, affecting and helping others. All of this is coming from an inconjunct between the Sun and Saturn on the 12th. From there, we chug along with the usual Mercury, retrograde fun and games: confusion, miscommunication, things going the wrong direction, discovering that you ordered something and mistyped one letter in the address and it’s sitting in a postal facility somewhere where nobody has the ability to retrieve it –no, I’m not making that one up; I guess you figured that out, huh? Not me. Someone I know — until we head toward the weekend. And then the other big aspects of the week take shape. One of them is a walk your talk, clean it up, follow through, do what you said you were gonna do square between Venus and Mars.

Now Venus is in earth mother, clean it up sign of Virgo and Mars is in let’s talk it out and do 15 things at once Gemini. The shoving match between them could mean that you hear stuff that makes you then want to go shore up your boundaries or fix something or clean something up. It could mean that there is a perception of, oh, this could be done better or going through a checklist of, okay, this, this, this, and this, shoring things up, fixing things, looking at situations, relationships, whatever, from a point of discernment and analysis, and then sending information out about it, telling everybody about it, sending it out, broadcasting it, trying to change the tone of conversation. And this comes with getting some distance from the wooziness of the Pisces full moon. The sun is opposing Neptune. This may give us some objectivity on ways we fooled ourselves, on gaslighting lies, of oh, gee, really, probably not a good idea to be drinking three of these yummy canned cocktails —

— Honestly, there is this new trend in the beverage industry that is actually really scary because unfortunately these concoctions are tasty and it takes a while before you notice that there is alcohol in it. Yeah. And you can tell that one’s also from personal experience. Although I haven’t had three at a time — Bottom line is there is a vibe here of standing back, looking at things, stepping out of situations, seeing at least that there are clouds and possibly seeing through them somewhat. This is a moment of clouds, parting, of Aha! I get what’s been going on. And this leads to lots and lots and lots of talk, as if the Venus Mars square didn’t set off a tremendous amount of messages and conversations. Mercury is opposing Jupiter, Mercury early in the relationship oriented sign of Libra, opposing Jupiter early in the me first, gotta go do it

Sign of Aries. This will have the impact of stretching a rubber band more and more and more and more. There is an amplifying effect on all of whatever Mercury retrograde is up to. This is not a particularly good time to sign anything that is ironclad, that you don’t have the ability to back out of. It’s highly probable that assumptions will not be on the same page. And this is gonna be tricky because Jupiter is in a hair trigger mode of Aries, and you might find yourself just jumping into something. So remember this; err on the Virgo side of the sky, take things under advisement. Don’t commit yourself if it’s at all possible. Certainly talk things through, talk things through a lot. The chatter will be extremely active and extremely loud. Fortunately, this comes with a very powerful ally astrologically around the 18th that could be building before then. We’re going through another moment of processing and assimilating the personal potential of all the structural institutional change that’s happening because of Pluto in Capricorn. The trine between the Sun and Pluto makes it organic, easy, effortless to step more into your own innate power, to strip away whatever really doesn’t belong in you at this point in your life, to refocus yourself and to settle into a little more fully who you are at this point. This gift of focus works beautifully with everything else that has gone before this week and makes it very —
what are these words again? — organic, natural, effortless to streamline aspects of your existence and to cut through the fog and settle in on what is real and what is real most important to you, especially in the long haul.
Homing thought of the week. How can I clean this up?
Song of the week: Brave by Sarah Bareilles.
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