Astro-Insight for August 29 – September 4, 2022

This is Kathy Biehl of with Astro-Insight for the week of August 29th, 2022. The good news about this week is that the skies don’t really have any new form of disruption or a new flavor of chaos in store for us. The bad news or the reality news is that we are going to be playing catch up with a lot that has already happened and adjusting many aspects of life in light of things that have been shaken up, stirred up, thrown in our face. The recurring aspect of the week is the inconjunct, which looks like a seesaw. It is an adjustment aspect, and it does tilt situations and encourage to the point of requiring adjusting the way you’re doing something or adjusting a situation. The first has to do with our own boundaries, our own ability to push ourselves forward, how healthy and discerning we’re being.

There’s an in conjunct between the sun in Virgo and Jupiter in Aries, that’s on the 30th. You may be pushed slightly out of your comfort zone to do something that’s really for your own good, which for a lot of people could be saying no, or I’m going to do this by myself. There is an adjustment in our hearts, in our desires, in what we have soaked up from other people: Venus inconjuncts Neptune on the 31st. This could be incredibly dreamy. Venus and Neptune are both influences of creativity and inspiration and love. This could cause us to change the lenses we’re using to view something. This could cause forgiving somebody, letting somebody off the hook, looking at a situation in a more compassionate way. And you might find that fantasy or illusion comes to light and you change your desires or your expectations for a relationship. Since Venus is in Leo and Leo is incredibly gregarious and generous, but also focused on the self

You may see ways that you have been giving somebody the benefit of the doubt and that they don’t really adequately appreciate you. And you may change adjust how you’re going about things. And in fact, it’s pretty certain you will change and adjust how you’re going about things, because Venus has a second inconjunct this week with her other partner, which is Pluto, Venus and Pluto are the conscious and the deeper unconscious, human and greater will influences of desire, which then can become obsession or control on the Pluto end, and of money and values, which can be enormous on the Pluto end. When Venus and Pluto make contacts, triangulation has a way of rearing its not always welcome head. And you may see again because Venus is in Leo, which does like an audience which likes attention, which likes to be acknowledged and recognized and appreciated

You may find yourself becoming aware of something that you have been attached to that maybe isn’t treating you right. Note the theme, hmm? Maybe this isn’t going to be quiet. No, not at all. Mars, the planet that rules action and drive, is flying around in the very, very chatty sign of Gemini, whipping up conversations. And they’re gonna get really loud and very, very frequent because on the first, as soon as we go from August to September, Mars has an opportunity aspect with Jupiter, which expands everything it touches. Interestingly, Jupiter is in the sign that Mars rules Aries. So this could be an invitation to really up the fire power in your conversations. You may find openings to speak up on something that has been frustrating you or that perhaps you haven’t had the nerve to speak up about. There’s no holding back with this and it doesn’t have to be aggressive

Although probably you’re going to see a lot of aggressive talk, probably on social media, but that doesn’t make this week different from any other week. Look at it more for the potentials and the benefits that it offers you, the human walking around this world. And the culmination of everything that I have been talking about is that you have lots of incentive to calibrate what you want, to calibrate arrangements, to calibrate relationships and whatever you get in exchange for your sense of value and to speak openly boldly bravely about it, get information about things, finally, maybe have some conversations that have been floating around in your head that you haven’t had — what’s that word again? — the nerve to actually voice, clearing the air, getting information you need, getting answers you need. Doesn’t have to be scary. Doesn’t have to be assaultive. Doesn’t have to be aggressive, could be extraordinarily helpful.

Now you may not be able to actually implement and work with everything that you get. Mercury, which rules all of this flying around Mercury, the cosmic messenger, in the sign of Libra (relationships, playing nice) is opposing Jupiter. And probably this is gonna put the brakes on the more assaultive, assertive possibilities in this. And it encourages standing back and actually looking at the flurry of data and conversations and messages and whatever papers, texts you name it. And just looking at them, not even knowing what to do with them, simply looking at them, taking them in. The influence, the openings to finally do something with all of that come at the end of the week when Venus on the fourth moves out of Leo and into Virgo where she will be for almost the entire month of September. This shifts our social mode from high energy and wanting interaction to a far more discriminating approach to everything.

Venus and Virgo can be extremely selective, extremely picky, definitely aware of boundaries, proper boundaries, healthy boundaries, healthy choices, Virgo offers an analytical, reason-driven approach to everything, from our interactions to how we run our schedules and our daily life to cleaning things up and reorganizing and generally looking at everything from a perspective of how it could be better. Many people are going to tell you that Venus is not happy in the sign of Virgo. And she is a little bit of a fuss budget here. However she does give us access to earth mother energy here. This is the influence of the herbalist, the professional organizer, the list maker, the friend with the knack for stepping out of a situation and giving you really solid practical

Advice, probably not being overly concerned with either selling you on it or what your feelings might be in reaction to it because Venus in Virgo is generally right. So the arc of this week is: lots of adjustments and response to so much that we have been through and then an atmosphere of, okay, let’s clean things up and get them back in order. Maybe not the most exciting prospect, but given what we’ve been through, I suspect you’re gonna really welcome this.

Homing thought of the week: What’s my plan B?
Song of the week: I have two: Changes by David Bowie and Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
And the image of the week is taking off your makeup and going in for a facial. It’s a metaphor, guys. If you don’t wear makeup, you can still think of it as a metaphor.
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