2022 Leo New Moon

astrology chart wheel of July 28, 2022 Leo New Moon

July 28, 2022
10:54 AM PDT / 1:54 PM EDT / 5:54 PM GMT
5 Leo 38

The Leo New Moon is pouring flame accelerant on your inner spark, and good luck keeping it under wraps. Why would you want to, anyway? It’s time to shine, to sparkle, to soak up attention, to put together playlists with every song you can find about fire, and dance off some of that energy racing through your being.

The Leo New Moon always reignites self-expression, a grander experience of life, and a goodly surge in drama, too. We’ve been warming up to all of this since Mercury and the Sun entered Leo July 19 and 22. With the Sun’s meeting with the Moon there, renewed vitality and high-energy communication are heading off the chart.

Leo doesn’t need any help living large or drawing notice, but it’s getting that all the same right now. The New Moon is in a trine with indulgent, expansive Jupiter, retrograde in hair-trigger, solo-actor Aries. The combo raises the heat and energy and laces all the Leo tendencies with devil-may-care boldness.

This promises a lot of excitement and fun. It’s certainly inspiring taking chances, putting yourself out there, and going after a good time. Some of what this link unleashes will be over the top. “Real Housewives” behavior will leave the screen and show up in front of us, as drama queens and oversized toddlers respond to the Moon/Jupiter link as steroid-level permission.

On the other hand, the trine bodes well for what you choose to create. This New Moon fuses new ideas, projects, and phases with your unique personality, flair, and creative vision. Anything you start or continue is getting a dose of Miracle-Gro. Don’t waste this by holding back. When you set a vision, imagine how it could be bigger, grander, more dramatic, more fun, and most of all, more you.

It’s not likely you’ll spend much time in the envisioning phase. Leo may like to stay in one place and glow, but Aries leaps ahead. The open channel to Jupiter makes this Moon’s fire spark and expand with speed.

They will likely not blaze out of control, though. All your seeds and projects and next phases have another, calmer influence making sure they get moving: the firm shove of a wide square to Mars, planet of action. Mars in Taurus is deliberate as can be, and as fixed as the Leo Moon. His focus is the tangible, though. He’s contributing practicality and maybe resources as well – or maybe just stressing the need for them.

His shove will force some of the New Moon growth into physical reality, and maybe not in quite the way you’re envisioning or things initially look. Mars is coming up on quick-change artist Uranus and the North Node, which he’ll meet on August 1. The trio is close enough to be working together already. Their combined impact is triggering concrete surprises, plot twists, and radical changes, all of which are propelling us into newly formed reality. Startling information is part of hubbub. With Mercury in Leo exactly squaring that Uranus/North Node conjunction, our thinking is being challenged; our perspectives are being broken open. And this New Moon’s growth is heading right into that field of improbable probability.

Throw the Jupiter-fueled Leo New Moon into the mix, and the result is a cauldron of creativity. It’s at your disposal, so work it. Forget eye of newt and the like. Feed this cauldron with your wildest, most ambitious ideas. Throw in ones that stretch your notion of what’s possible for your life. (C’mon; do it!) Add your own secret sauce. Toss in some bling while you’re at it, and a handful of coins as well. Find a large ornate stick or ladle and stir flamboyantly. Add “this, or something better” to wishes and intentions. What’s coming out of this cauldron is subject to forces far outside your control. Prepare to be surprised.