2022 Cancer New Moon

astrology chart of the 2022 Cancer new moon

June 28-29, 2022
7:52 PM PDT / 10:52 PM EDT / 2:52 AM GMT
7 Cancer 23

Where is your safe space? Is it a place, a person, a state of being? Whatever form it takes, it’s calling to you. It’s time to take shelter there and settle in.

It’s part of the mission of the Cancer New Moon, which is coming on supersized this year. Well, why not – isn’t over-the-top the current way of life? And if that’s the case, why not go overboard on keeping your loved ones (and your inner kid) happy?

Cancer is the Moon’s natural home, the realm of tender emotions, nurturing, nesting, Mom, apple pie and traditions. They have heightened appeal right now, offering a respite from the tumult of recent months. The outside world is chaotic, so tend for now to your own little corner and the people who inhabit it. Stay at home, fluff the pillows on the couch, hang out in the kitchen and indulge in comfort.

And indulge is the imperative. The Moon is in an exact square to Jupiter, beneficent, amplifying, bigger-is-better and, yes, indulgent Jupiter. His touch is increasing all things Cancerian and sending them over the top. Emotions are free-flowing. Nostalgia and sentimentality are crashing over the banks of reason. The grass on our side of the fence looks pretty darn good for a change. You may have a moment like Dorothy waking up back home in her own bed after her adventures in Oz.

You may wallow in the resulting rush of feelings for a while – that is, after all, the Cancer way – but you will also do something with them. They’re feeding your New Moon intentions, wishes, and projects.

The oomph coming off Jupiter in Aries bodes well for the growth – and emotional wellbeing – of any Cancerian matter you launch or nurture now. Work it; take the initiative (Aries is into that); and above all take risks (Aries is into that, too). Whatever you’re setting in motion, expand the vision, go for something bigger, and pour your heart into it.

Issues of children and family are in for huge attention. If they’re not up in your own life, you will be seeing them around you and in the news. Emotional expressiveness is also in the spotlight. Tears may be closer to the surface or flow more easily; plush toys may come out in public; you might be in a more caring, expressive phase.

Watch for impulses to upgrade your home environment. Make it comfier, cozier, more friendly to your inner child (and to anyone else who lives there). Spiff up your kitchen. Make it a place you want to spend time in. Put food in it you enjoy. Allow yourself some childhood favorites – maybe something a favorite relative made or brought at special times, or a treat that made the world feel right. (Ice cream and chocolate sales oughta spike!)

Some people might not be entirely on board with your intentions. Some relationships might require attention as the Moon phase unfolds. Some voice inside you may argue that you don’t deserve what you’re watering, or contrarywise may nag for even bigger, better, bolder. (It’s also possible the nagging voice may come from an external source.) The irritation is low-level but constant, and won’t let up till you look at it. The cause is the semi-square from the Moon to Venus, ruler of desire and Jupiter’s companion in indulgence. This infuses the New Moon with an itch that has to be scratched, in a place that’s not easy to reach.

Still, this New Moon is not particularly complicated. It’s certainly not as complicated and intense as the astrological influences that have led us to this point in the year. The point of the Cancer New Moon is nurturing emotions, home, and your sense of security. Shore them up and indulge in them.