March 2022

photo of a darkened theater with lights hitting a red closed curtain and silouetted heads visible in the front rows

Welcome to conjunction junction. Did you think that was just a grammar-teaching song on Schoolhouse Rock? No, it’s a special place in time and space as well, and we’re there for the entire month of March. It’s a landscape of a half dozen conjunctions that underscore and color and direct the action down here on earth.

All but one involve the outer planets, and even the lone exception has a couple of connections to them as well. As a result, the comings together and mergings all tie into, affect and further processes that are far longer, and far bigger, than the moment.

The aspects make March a month of turning points, milestones and gateways. Circumstances are ripening to allow, to support and to facilitate major action, major progress, major information, major inspiration, major…well, just about everything.

Much of this has been in the works since at least early December. We are coming out of a laboratory for exploring what we really want from this point on, with special sessions in revealing secrets and fears, stripping desires down to our bottom lines, and identifying what we’re willing to do to get them.

What did you do with the lab work? What did you reassess, cut out and reaffirm? Did you get your ducks in a row? Wherever they are when March starts, that’s what you’re dealing with. It’s time to get moving, and how.

The month’s first activity prepares the stage. The Pisces New Moon March 2 invites casting off trappings that hold you back, via a liberating sextile to Uranus. May as well; risks are minimal, with Mercury joining Saturn to create mental order and stabilize and define thoughts and information.

From this, “Lights; camera; action!” plays on loop for days. Those of a certain age may periodically break out in the Bugs Bunny Show theme song (“On with the show; this is it!”); the rest of you may find it inspirational to look up.

The vibe comes from two powerhouse conjunctions: One takes your laboratory findings and implements them with fierce, life-changing action; the second one quickly shifts the story to what feels like a different timeline.

The first of these fuses desire, follow-through and ferocious power, in a triple conjunction March 3 among Venus, Mars and Pluto. This is the culmination point of the past three months. Venus and Mars have been uncharacteristically traveling together for weeks, melding newly refined, ever so concrete desires with the drive to go after them. When the pair previously met on February 16, Venus had already had two meetings with Pluto in December, exploring the underbelly and cost of desires, cutting out a lot, and intensifying whatever remained. Now Mars joins in, in an evolutionary-level push with the force of nuclear fusion.

The energy release carries us into a different way of being. Concepts of what’s possible for us grow more and more grandiose, even magical, as the Sun conjoins Jupiter March 5. The retro soundtrack switches to “Don’t Dream It; Be It” from Rocky Horror Picture Show, and then…Venus and Mars have yet another meeting March 6 at the first degree of Aquarius, the very spot of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 2020. Jupiter and Saturn set a 20-year cycle in motion. That potential now moves into personal reality, as Venus and Mars deliver the wherewithal to chart a new course.

The rest of the month is all systems go. Not quite smooth sailing, but we will feel the help of the wind – and some higher forces.

The atmosphere softens noticeably with Mercury’s move to Pisces March 9. Thoughts, messages, communications, social media take on gentle tones, at times magical, at times inspirational, at times even compassionate. Watch for an uptick in your intuitive knowing. That increases March 13, when the Sun meets Neptune and blurs boundaries between harsh reality and fantasy.

March 17-19 bring us back to earth. A sextile March 17 between the Sun and Pluto encourages personal power and focus, and retooling our image in line with what we set in motion at the triple conjunction March 3. Another status report follows when the Virgo Full Moon trines Pluto March 18. Resetting boundaries and releasing habits (and unhealthy situations) come naturally; jettisoning baggage happens easily and organically.

Energy spikes March 20, when the Sun enters Aries and marks the equinox. As he stokes internal fires, our data flow becomes increassingly watery.

The noise level, intuition and escapist urges increase, with Mercury joining Jupiter March 21 and Neptune March 23. The stretch is terrific for meditating, creating and calling in inspiration, not so suited for paperwork and taxes. It might deliver insight into your March 3 work, if you ask for it, because the conjunction’s harmoniously linking to Pluto, peaking March 26.

Moments of clarity break through the haze unbidden (and possibly unwelcome) from the Mars/Uranus square March 22. This triggers unconventional approaches, unforeseen actions and unexpected breakthroughs.

The month ends with fiery resolve. Mercury enters Aries March 27 and the information flow turns high energy and forceful. Words are less understanding, more direct and more confrontational.

Still, there’s little prospect for fighting. The month ends, instead, with stability, order, and commitment to – if not outright attainment of – desires. It comes from the final exact conjunction of the month, between Venus and Saturn. Since both planets are in friendship mode, friends, networks and communities are more at stake than romantic relationships. The Venus/Mars conjunction of March 6 may also play a role. You may well see it become real, if in limited form.

Throughout all this is the defining aspect of the entire year. It does not become exact until April, but we are already feeling its expansive effect: the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune, the most boundless influences in the sky, meeting for the first time since 1856 in the sign they both rule, Pisces. They are washing over sea walls between imagination and stark reality. See what you can dream.