2022 Cancer Full Moon

photo of a store window display of the top of a bathtub with bluish plastic simulating ice and five yellow rubber ducks, with the phrase Nobel deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression

January 17, 2022
3:48 PM PST / 6:48 PM EST /11:48 PM GMT
27 Cancer 50 / 27 Capricorn 50

The Cancer Full Moon parks reason at the door while flooding us with waves of emotion. Little is in their way. The Moon is all about feelings, and those overflow when she’s in her home sign, and all the more when she’s full there. She’s highlighting matters of nurturing, family, safety, home and tradition and escalating issues involving them to new heights. Too bad so little of this is feeling entirely comfy-cozy just now.

The Moon is the turf of Mom, the aroma of cookies baking in the oven, blankies and other touchstones of security. When she’s full in Cancer, we’re sensitive and sentimental to the max, equally prone to taking anything – everything – personally, to crying at saccharine commercials, and to taking refuge in comfort foods.

The dramas and emotions cresting now are hitting very close to home. Many are bittersweet or sobering; some are laced with loss, change and awareness of the passage of time.

We’ve been experiencing that relentlessly lately, and we’re ripe for release. The landscape of our hearts and values has been undergoing extreme measures. Venus’ retrograde in Capricorn has been dredging up memories and more; her two conjunctions with Pluto have been revealing unpleasant but undeniable truths and desires, slicing some situations out of our lives, and midwiving yet another round of setting ever narrower priorities.

We may dislike some of what’s been occurring. We may wish it weren’t happening, but the Full Moon carries us to a point of being unlikely to fight it. So much feels inevitable. Pluto opposite the Moon is looming as a stark, immovable reminder of what has left, whether on its own or at our hands.

We’re feeling the loss of relatives, friends, and beloved, defining cultural icons. The departures take us ever further from our own childhoods and remind us of our own mortality.

We’re feeling no-going-back changes in key relationships and power dynamics. That’s reflected in the Full Moon by Pluto conjunct Juno, the asteroid that rules marriage and partnerships. Some living situations have hit their expiration date, at least under existing ground rules.

We’re just plain feeling endings – in stages of life, in where and how we feel safe, in our way of life in general. Even if we welcome them, their presence fills the air, or rather, fills the waters flowing through and around us.

It’s an appropriate time to take stock of the losses and departures and changes. It’s an appropriate time to cry, especially if you’ve been soldiering on, or if you’ve been rationalizing situations. Perhaps other people’s behavior or choices truly has nothing to do with you personally, but that doesn’t prevent your sense of security from being a casualty of restructuring of their lives. Admit it. Embrace it. Then let your emotional reaction out.

With the release comes relief and – what’s this? – hope. Light. Dawn. The Moon is in a trine to gentle Neptune, bringer of transcendence, higher guidance, magic and miracles. Grief yields to compassion. Pain yields to forgiveness. Bawling inner children yield to emotionally aware adults. Stoic understanding yields to inspiration.

All of the cresting, in fact, has the potential to leave inspiration in its wake. Memoirs, fantastic meals and recipes, music and stories and films will be on the beach as this Full Moon ebbs.

The flow and ebb of emotional waters promise to bring forth important messages and rational activity as well. Communication god Mercury in Aquarius is close to a conjunction with the Capricorn Sun’s ruler, Saturn, and a square to Uranus in Taurus. Watch for information about the late December square between Saturn (structure) and Uranus (disruption). Uranus is still at the degree of that clash, and Mercury kicked off his retrograde January 14 from Saturn’s position in that square.

And if you sail through this Full Moon without being engulfed by a wave or two, you will likely not avoid awareness and contemplation. Your safe spot is not what it was. Forces outside your conscious control have reshaped it. Moments of recognition are in order.

The result is noticing, appreciating and savoring what is left. It has new, or renewed, value to you. As Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote in his poem “Ulysses,” “Though much is taken, much abides.”

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