2021 Gemini Full Moon

photo of black sky with orange full moon and head of a wolf howling at the bottom left of the moon

December 18-19, 2021
8:34 PM PT / 11:34 PM ET / 4:34 AM GMT
27 Gemini 29

What goes on in your mind? That’s taking center stage at the Gemini Full Moon. It’s demonstrating the connection between what we think and how we feel. Both ends of that equation have definitely been changing and are hitting a point of clarity and release. This Moon is helping the process along by nudging us to focus, choose and let go (not exactly Gemini traits, but stretching is inevitable now).

This is the first event on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis since the latest eclipses in those signs wrapped up December 4. Over the past two-plus years, these eclipses have been spotlighting the power of thoughts and beliefs, and particularly their real-world ramifications. The cycle culminated in the Sagittarius New Moon, a solar eclipse that’s shooting us into new horizons. The Gemini Full Moon is following with clean-up work, jettisoning more baggage for the voyage and dropping the booster rockets as well.

We could go overboard. With the Moon in a close trine to Jupiter and his amplifying touch, thoughts and feelings and events and dramas are grandiose, exaggerated, larger than life. There are benefits to things blowing up so big. Enlargement takes situations to their logical (okay, often illogical) extremes. It makes it easier to see what’s going on. It makes it easier to pop them.

Fortunately, we’re not inclined to hang on. Every full moon carries the potential for releasing. This one also encourages rearranging and tweaking.

The Moon is inconjunct the two rulers of desire and money, Venus and Pluto. Emotions are adjusting, and how, to the fierce and feral impact of their conjunction, which was exact December 11. Their meeting fuels cellular, primal, nonrational and irresistible impulses. Itches that must be scratched. Compulsions and temptations that override common sense or propriety and lure us into succumbing. With both in Capricorn, we’re profoundly, paradoxically aware of the long-term, and willing to tear down existing situations to dive into intense, if somewhat … naughty … desire.

Venus/Pluto developments are backsplashing onto the process of reframing what we think and believe, and how we feel about that. Realizing an intense desire may lead to changing how you think about yourself. It may lead to changing what you believe to be true. Friendships are likely involved, with the Moon linking to Jupiter in the sign that rules them, Aquarius.

Current tweaks and adjustments are just the first stage in a three part dance. That continues when Venus and Pluto meet two more times, on December 25 during Venus’ retrograde and again early next year. We’ll be revisiting, going deeper, and no doubt clearing out more before Venus leaves Capricorn in March.

For now, thoughts and communication systems are getting a shakeup. Mercury, ruler of Gemini as well as of what goes in and out of our minds and mouths, is in the easy flow of a trine to radical change agent Uranus. This is a conduit for startling information, for light bulbs going off with very practical ramifications, and for quick changes in thinking and perspectives.

All put us on board with fresh approaches and innovation. They’ll quickly prove useful. They are paving the way to Uranus’ third exact square from Saturn on December 24, a day before Venus and Pluto have their second meeting. Whatever transpires now, there’s more to the story in a couple of weeks.

The way you view yourself and your world has already undergone massive change. That will quickly lead to profound choices and realignments before the end of the year.