2021 Taurus New Moon

photo of a cave opening, with green goilage growing on the outside and white prayer flags posted over the opening, showing a dark cavern and a white statue of a woman pouring an urn

May 11, 2021
11:59 AM PDT / 2:59 PM EDT / 6:59 PM GMT
21 Taurus 17

The Taurus New Moon is cultivating the garden of your life. What’s growing? How is it doing? How would you like to water it with your dreams?

It’s a here and now, touch it, taste it, feel it kind of influence, but with a streak of fairy dust and magic.

The Taurus New Moon wraps up the earthy, make it real energy of the past few weeks and plants it firmly in the ground. Minds, mouths and and social goings on may have flitted off into Gemini and its every-which-way ways, but this Moon draws focus to seeds and sprouts and the promise of tangible fruition.

The Moon’s ruler is Venus, goddess of love, money and creativity. She’s got a bent for pleasure and gratification. You might be on a mission for both, thanks to a semi-sextile from Venus to Chiron, nudging you to dare to ask for what you want – or dare to go for a seed you really, really want.

She’s also delivering a hankering for structure, for commitment, for accountability and responsibility, from her trine to no-nonsense Saturn, which permeate the intentions and growth coming off this New Moon. Decisions and stabilizing now have a fated quality, with Venus approaching the North Node of destiny (marked by the sign “This way to the future”). They are also easy to talk about, since communication god Mercury is just on the other side of that sign. No need to warn against hesitating to bring anything up – Venus and Mercury together are creating a chattiness that is both inescapable and uncorkable. Chatter away; anything that flies out of you or whizzes by you is likely to have practical relevance to your gardening.

Concrete as they are, the New Moon developments carry a streak of the otherworldly and noncorporeal.

The Moon is in a tight sextile to Neptune, dreamweaver and Venus’ higher counterpart in overseeing love and inspiration. This link is softening the soil, watering the plants and gracing them with nutrients from another level of reality. This link offers a special dose of creativity to anything launching now. Look for insight coming through dreams, hunches, song lyrics, movies and TV shows, whispers from guardian angels, even the sight of sunlight streaming through treetops.

The Neptune link adds gentleness to any tending you do. That is also coming from a trine from Mars in Cancer to Uranus in Taurus. These two planets are in signs that are not naturally comfortable for them – the electrical disruption of Uranus in ever-so staid and stable Taurus, the masculine assertiveness of Mars in sensitive, home-and-family-friendly Cancer. Their link is a formula for unconventional nurturing, for approaches that break norms, and for tactics that are cutting edge or technological.

Use this New Moon to ground your being in the here and now: Experience and enjoy physical comforts and pleasures. Delight in your garden. (The 9 of Pentacles in the Tarot is an inspirational image for that.) Pay attention to what’s growing – what you’ve consciously planted, as well as seedlings and sprouts that have appeared seemingly on their own. Water, feed and nurture them.

Anything that delivers or enhances physical niceties is in focus now. This Moon is particularly supportive of finances, relationships and creative endeavors. Chat them up. Enlist your pals. Ask for what you want, especially if the request stretches you. Try different tactics. Then enjoy the growth.