Astro-Insight for the 2021 Pisces New Moon

photo of white clouds in an angel formation over blue water

March 13, 2021
2:21 AM PST / 5:21 EST / 10:21 AM GMT
23 Pisces 03

The Pisces New Moon is softening the edges of existence, and softening us as well. It invites us to shift focus from the tedium and challenges of the everyday and enjoy a gentler approach. Escape. Rest. Create. Dream. Pray. Float.

This Moon is refreshing our taste for aspects of life that transcend worldly obligations: poetry, music, art, and the creativity that drives them; compassion and loving kindness; spirituality; ecstasy; and connections to something greater than ourselves – to beloveds, to the divine, to all that is. Drink deeply, wherever you feel called. They have the power to elevate existence, to give purpose and meaning to the striving, and to soothe and refuel your spirit. You’re also side-stepping your conscious mind, which could lead to soaking up inspiration that turns out to be important. Or, at a minimum, relaxing and restorative.

The energies are fluid, going this way and that like tiny tributaries flowing from a creek. They’re formless and diffuse and hard to grasp with physical hands, and maybe with the mind. Go where they lead you. There’s really no incentive not to.

The atmosphere is decidedly different from the starkness of February and its uncommon emphasis of rigid, detached Aquarian energy. The pile-up came with intellectual awareness of connections and networks and communities. That awareness is morphing into non-rational, visceral flexibility and at-one-ness. The New Moon is blurring boundaries between individuals, between reason and intuition, between reality and fantasy, and between each of us and the rest of all existence.

Our minds are still in hyperdrive, with action hero Mars in chatty, airy Gemini and cosmic messenger Mercury at the end of equally airy Aquarius. They are acting more as receivers and transmitters than as navigators and drivers. Whatever they pick up is under the influence of the Piscean waters, which are ultimately determining our courses right now. The waters take over our minds two days after the New Moon, when Mercury enters Pisces and mental processes move into intuition, telepathy, images, and knowing information without being able to explain how we arrived at it.

This particular Pisces New Moon has a special, magical, sacred feel, courtesy of the presence of the two guardians of love and creativity, Venus and Neptune. They are tightly conjunct each other, and also close by the New Moon, which Neptune rules. They are raining down all kinds of lovely, life-affirming, soul-feeding energies.

Soak them up.

This Moon calls for immersion. It may feel like a religious experience, even if you haven’t attended a formal worship service in who knows how long. You may sense divinity at work, all around. Venus and Neptune are fusing this Moon cycle with the presence and power of love, of the divine, of beneficent forces that transcend worldly existence.

Their gifts include compassion and forgiveness, and as you soak in the energies, you may find it organic to direct some of that toward yourself. If the Catholic tradition of confession appeals to you, consider seeking its updated counterpart, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or crafting an equivalent for yourself. Forgive other people, while you’re at it. Venus and Neptune encourage seeing the best in everyone and living by the Golden Rule. They also encourage empathy and draw attention to the battered, or underprivileged, or underdog, or needy. You may look differently at your neighbors, physical and virtual. You may treat them more kindly, if not be inspired to take action for their benefit.

Remember that a pebble tossed in a pond can ripple out far beyond your line of sight. Small actions that you take can affect more people than you can possibly imagine. This is random acts of kindness and paying it forward territory.

All kinds of magical, mystical, religious blendings are possible and appropriate now. Play with them; this is the most creative fresh start imaginable. This Moon is an ideal time for consecration and for honoring your connection to higher forces (creativity, inspiration, guidance, spirit, God, however you view it). It’s ideal for long candlelight baths and for rituals that invoke magic, the more flowy the clothing, the better. Get out your scarves, cloaks and crystals; let your inspiration go wild!

Apart from whether you take any specific, deliberate action, the Moon promises to affect living on an ongoing basis. Give yourself over to the power of dreaming, of intuition, of faith, of creativity and guidance. Granted, this approach is not consistent with what’s normally considered responsible adult behavior. Putting aside record-keeping or taxes may not be procrastination in the bigger picture, though; escapist impulses may be exactly what the cosmic doctor ordered.

Besides, the sky has backstops in place that keep you tethered to ordinary reality. Uncomfortable nudges and truths are emerging from hidey-holes (like your psyche) and tapping at you to face them. Opportunities to do that come easily, with the Moon in a helpful sextile to Pluto, overlord of secrets and inevitable change.

As Blue Öyster Cult sang, don’t fear the reaper; the Moon is softening the ground being worked over by his scythe, or scalpel, or other evolutionary instrument. The loving, mystical, magical Piscean properties are working harmoniously with the transformations we are all experiencing.

Though the Moon sets a four-week phase into motion, the waters dominate for only a brief while longer. Fiery life force will be igniting within a week, when the Sun and Venus move into Aries.

So, welcome this gentle stretch. Lose yourself in it. Enjoy it. To borrow an advertising slogan that’s even older than that song, this Moon is the pause that refreshes. Indulge again and again and again.

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