2021 Virgo Full Moon

photo of a man helping a boy wash his hands

February 27, 2021
12:17 AM PST / 3:17 AM EST / 8:17 AM GMT
8 Virgo 57 / 8 Pisces 57

The energy and inclination to deal with recent events is coming from the Virgo Full Moon. It puts us all in a mode (and mood) to process, clean, sort, and organize.

The Full Moon marks the first stage of dealing with the jolts and disruptions of last week’s Saturn/Uranus square. The personal impact is dawning on us, as opportunities are flowing from that as well, with the Moon just off a trine, and the Sun just off a sextile, to changemaker Uranus.

No matter what you have been through lately, this Moon is providing the time and space for acknowledging and expressing the emotional side of it. Histrionics aren’t likely, as understandable as those might be given what so many people have been enduring. Instead, watch for clarity about the feelings recent events have stirred. And watch those feelings lead to to-do lists and other practical responses.

Virgo is one of the less emotional Moons, in theory. It’s adept at evaluating, analyzing, and looking for ways to improve, at reorganizing and minimizing chaos, and at drawing and maintaining boundaries. The Virgo approach can come across as critical and harsh. That tendency is getting some softening now, and even if fault-finding does manage to come through it’ll be put to good use.

In fact, all of Virgo’s traits are getting some softening. Gentleness, kindness, and creative inspiration are permeating the emotional cresting and harvesting occurring now.

This Moon has a “we’re in this together” vibe, making it easy to step into someone else’s shoes and show compassion and caring. You may feel another’s pain and take concrete action to improve their situation. You may understand and forgive another person, even as you draw or underscore a line of separation. You may even go easy on yourself.

The strangely soothing qualities come from Venus’ conjunction to the Pisces Sun. This is the sign of Venus’ exaltation, where she encourages the highest expressions of love, from inspiring poetry, art, and devotion to selflessness to seeing the divine in the eyes of others. The Full Moon pits her willingness to connect, give, and forgive against Virgo’s critical eye and bent for enforcing boundaries. The stand-off tempers each end. Head for an extreme in one direction, and see if you don’t get a tug from the other.

The happy medium that’s possible is treating others with loving kindness without hurting yourself – or, taken from the other direction, treating yourself with loving kindness by plugging energy leaks that are depleting or hurting you. They’re not mutually exclusive. How to pull that off is on offer from Saturn’s sextile to Chiron. That link invites taking command of what you can, recognizing where – or that – you can’t go it alone, and stepping into healthy responsibility.

Ideas and information are flowing like mad. Virgo’s ruler Mercury is moving unimpeded again, a week off his recent retrograde. His trine to the North Node (“this way to the future”) is stirring conversations, exchange of data, and curiosity about … well, everything. All of that is ramping up, up, up as well, with Mercury heading for the expansive, optimistic influence of Jupiter.

The flurry of thoughts and words factor into the emotional sifting and sorting. Useful questions abound. How did this happen? What I can do about this? How can I make this better? How can I help myself? How can I help others? What can I clean up? What can I cut out?

The upshot: working on the systems and constructs that are coming into being. It’s a process. For now, put heart and mind into it. There will be more to evaluate and work on as the year goes on.