2019 Taurus Full Moon

buttered bread with chocolate

November 12, 2019
5:34 AM PST / 8:34 AM EST / 1:34 PM GMT
19 Taurus 51 / 19 Scorpio 51

The Taurus Full Moon is bringing emotional nourishment to the table for discussion and evaluation. The process is intense, productive, ground-laying and clarifying. And maybe tasty, too. See if it isn’t easy as pie to speak your piece, claim as much as you want and pass on whatever doesn’t satisfy.

Emotional nourishment – okay, nourishment of all kinds – is always in focus under a Taurus Full Moon. This time, though, the stakes are high, and the playing out feels momentous and long-lasting.

Taurus is the “show me” sign. In its emotional currency, words mean less than gestures, and physicality ranks above both. The quality of what’s showing up is uncommonly important now. No emotional junk food this time around. We’re looking not merely for the tangible, solid and reliable. We’re looking for intensity and for itches to be scratched. And for emotional nutrition that sustains and even transforms us, or is at least capable of going along for the ride that’s coming next year.

The status report that is building and cresting now is taking a lot of backstory into account. This Full Moon plays directly into the prolonged clearing out and restructuring that has characterized so much of the year, and which had to do, among other things, with the past, programming we absorbed down to the cellular level, and family/ancestral/tribal issues. Watch for evidence (visceral, physical, unmistakable) of emotions this has spawned. They’re intense and probably unapologetic. Some are messy, emerging from dark places we don’t like to own up to, or maybe outside our awareness. Some sharpen the focus on what we want. Some deliver the certainty and resolve to cut out what we don’t.

The Moon is in an easy flow to the two titans that are in the process of restructuring foundations, institutions and family systems: Saturn, planet of adulting, and ruler of order, structure, the established ways, commitment and consequences, and Pluto, agent of unavoidable change, lord of transformation (aka life and death) and keeper of secrets and hidden treasure. Their process provides the context for the current emotional harvest. And their presence ensures that any surgery involves a well placed, skillfully wielded scalpel (no butter knives in this equation) (except for use with actual butter or an equivalent spread).

If you haven’t sufficiently expressed your reactions to what this year has put you through, release is likely to come under this Moon. Welcome it. The sky is arranged for focusing on what matters and making space for more of it. Tears can open space in your heart.

They can also water the metaphoric ground. Otherworldly Neptune has been offering this softening through his sextile to Saturn and Pluto. The Taurus Moon is making the same opportunity aspect from the other side of the zodiac. Compassion, understanding, forgiveness, higher love and divine guidance are within reach and poised to pour down for the asking. So are glamour, illusion and outright magic. They have the potential to soothe emotions, to soften the restructuring and reordered systems and goodbyes, and to bring glitter and romance down into the world.

The two guardians of love are helping with that last bit. Venus, ruler of relationships, money and all we value (and also the Moon’s current sign of Taurus) is squaring Neptune, font of higher love. The impact forces action, not to mention bursts from the cosmic fog machine. This aspect alone might fool us. Accompanying the pragmatic, “bring it” Taurus Full Moon, whatever the love guardians are dishing out is definitely operating on the earthly plane – softening the experience of emotions (and goodbyes), maybe, adding gentleness to the cravings and satisfaction thereof.

You may well be going about satisfaction (and releasing, and pruning) in a new and improved way. Venus’s semi-sextile to Saturn has a discomfort that fosters growth, so look at your choices as feedback on your evolution. And maybe stretch yourself deliberately, too.

And you may well – well, almost definitely will – express yourself, your emotions and your process. You’ll certainly run them through your mind. Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio is conjunct the Sun, enhancing perceptions, self-awareness and non-verbal communication. The past is in the present. Just look at the memories, associations and people popping up in thought, conversation and direct contact. The information in this stream feeds right into Full Moon emotional review.

With Mercury in Scorpio the important bits are coming in private and quietly. He’s hardly encouraging loud proclamations out in the open (unless the Venus/Neptune square has someone living out a holiday movie script). Loving truths course through a lot of thoughts and communications. Mercury is in the flow with Neptune, a teaming that bridges the depths and the heights. Secrets and disclosures are blending with divine guidance.

These two gods are adding grace and gentleness to difficult conversations and decisions. Ask to be shown the truth (especially your truth); ask for the magic words to flow from you.

Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay