October 2019

From the outset, October signals that we’re in a different phase. After the earthly striving amid (or despite) fog that September put us through, October treats us to fresh air and fiery sparks – and a Halloween parade that arrives early and hangs around into next month.

We get in step with the parade from the start. Its host is Pluto, lord of death, rebirth and the veil that is so thin this time of year. He ends a five month retrograde and stations direct on October 3. While his movement is slow, it is not always subtle. The about-face reveals that monumental seismic shifts are in the works, as he and time lord Saturn inch toward their meeting that’s coming next January.

Messages and minds fall under Pluto’s rule when Mercury enters Scorpio the same day. For the next two months, his journey immerses us in intensity, dark truths and potentially scary topics. Deftness and diplomacy are on hand, though, because Mars – ruler of our drive and actions – is in the relationship and negotiation-oriented sign of Libra. We may be diving on the buddy system. (Relationships could send us into the deep, of course, and the combo of Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in Libra could certainly encourage manipulation.)

We’ve got incentive to embrace the depths. Desires follow right behind when Venus enters Scorpio October 8 for the rest of the month. Relationships and financial dealings have a high stakes, magnetic, irresistible quality, exposing impulses and attractions you might not ordinarily allow. Could be sexy; could be as thrilling as it is chilling.

We can handle the spooks. Boldness ignites at the Aries Full Moon on the 13th, with ruler Mars opposite. Captain Kirk-level derring-do (or recklessness) may result in drastic moves — with personal empowerment and refocused priorities, flying off the phoenix moment of the Sun squaring Pluto the next day.

Leaps are cushioned; angels rush in. An air of magic and illusion envelopes our information flow and interactions as Mercury, then Venus enjoys an easy trine to dreamweaver Neptune October 15 and 21. The contact beams knowing into our heads and hearts. Be open to some of what comes in addressing the meaning and effect of Neptune’s fog-inducing clash with Jupiter from January through September.

Communications and relationships soften and sweeten and cross into telepathy. We know what we know without knowing why. We’re more inclined to display kindness and compassion – and hand out candy.

The otherworldly rustlings increase when the Sun starts its annual trip through Scorpio October 21. Doors open to dark and powerful places, with the lure to brave up and take a look. With the two guardians of desire at the door, Venus and Pluto, temptations could be hard to resist.

The Scorpionic energy crystalizes in the New Moon in that sign October 27. Quick-change artist Uranus is opposite, zapping the waters with electric anxiety and lightning flashes of insight. Acting on what’s revealed is another matter. Playing nice runs smack into impediments. Talk isn’t enough; circumstances (or maybe a person) demand structure and commitment.

Month’s end brings a melding of minds and hearts. Subtext is everywhere. Thoughts and communications drip with desire, so intensely that a look may get the message across without words. Time feels endless. The waters are still and deeper than deep.

Mercury stations retrograde on Halloween itself. The parade and the party aren’t going away. Mercury will keep them alive as he traces the parade route in the following three weeks.

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Image by VISHNU_KV