2019 Leo New Moon

July 31 – August 1, 2019
8:11 PM PDT / 11:11 PM EDT / 3:11 AM GMT
8 Leo 36

The Leo New Moon is energizing expressing ourselves and pushing us to go for it.

It’s injecting fieriness and personal agency into the summer’s weighty atmosphere, which has shackled us to the past, to foundation failures, to ancestral programming and issues.

Those heavy matters will continue to dog us as July’s Cancer and Capricorn eclipses unspool over the next few months (and the cosmic alarm clock that came with them continues to blare).

We’re ready to break from their relentless imperatives, though, and start living a bit more on our own terms. Yes, there’s still much to deal with – some people are rebuilding basics from scratch – but now we’re getting the fuel to do a lot more than that: Let our spirits out. Shine. Create. Play, even. (Imagine!)

An early degree Leo New Moon carries a strong little kid vibe, and we’ve definitely got something in common with little children: We can’t sit still. Too much enthusiasm and passion are igniting. Even if we could restore adult demeanor, this Moon will not allow sitting. It’s shoving us to get up and get moving.

Don’t be so sure you can predict the how and when of that shove. It’s coming from a square from the New Moon to cosmic quick change agent Uranus. He’s volatile, shocking, startling, awakening and liberating. He throws monkey wrenches and lightning bolts that rearrange and upend the playing field. Whatever you think will happen, he’s got a surprise in store.

An external circumstance could hit the hair trigger, as if cosmic hands are taking us by the collar and dragging us onward, or grabbing our shoulders and giving us a good shake, or pushing against our backs so firmly we stumble forward. Or a switch could flip within our psyches, or brains or, most likely, hearts, and suddenly we are all systems go.

The tiniest flick could set us in motion and quickly escalate beyond initial intentions. The New Moon is linking easily to boundless, expansive Jupiter, the king of indulgence and more, more, more. Whatever we begin now promises to mushroom but fast. (Jupiter’s also teaming, more tightly, with Mars, ruler of our drive, who’s fused with marriage goddess Juno – watch relationships ignite!)

The new activity also burns with the potential – or realization – of healing. The Moon is trining Chiron, whose retrograde has kept him in the early degrees of Aries, out of the general discourse while larger forces have been riveting attention to evolutionary shifts occurring on the Cancer/Capricorn axis. This link encourages au autonomy and taking charge, strutting your core stuff without shame or worry about what others might think.

This link also carries the theme of a little going a long way. Chiron completes a wide grand trine flowing from it to the Moon and Jupiter. Being wildly outrageously yourself is healing; healing facilitates being wildly, outrageously yourself.

Jupiter’s in a second grand trine that’s tighter, connecting him to Eris, the goddess of discord, in Aries, and the Mars/Juno conjunction in Leo. Quiet? Careful? Considerate? Nope. Happily upsetting the dominant paradigm, more likely. Masculine forces could be behaving quite differently – or complaining quite loudly.

Mercury squaring Eris ensures that the noise level is high, and encourages speaking out without concern for playing nice. In fact, drawing a reaction may be part of the point. Which is in keeping with behaving like a child.

As he sets off Eris, Mercury is stationing direct, which lends a suspended-in-time feeling to the New Moon. While we’re hanging between now and the future, we get a big picture look at the summer’s weightiness and that dang cosmic alarm clock. He’s changing direction at the very degree the Sun occupied during the Capricorn Full Moon lunar eclipse two weeks earlier. Watch for insights, new information, more revelations and emotional clarity.

Soak up what Mercury shows you. Then find your inner child. It’s time to come out and play.

Photo by Kathy Biehl (c) 2019; taken at Randy.land