2019 Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse

baby in bucket throwing water

July 2, 2019
12: 16 PM PDT / 3:16 PM EDT / 7:16 PM GMT
10 Cancer 37

The short of it: Security blankets are getting an upgrade with the Cancer New Moon solar eclipse. This means lots of changes. A lot of letting go. And a lot of departures. Some in a flash.

The long of it:

Water is a complex element. At times it’s cool, refreshing and comforting. At others, it can cut through, reshape or destroy anything it touches, even hard, solid rock.

And so it is with emotions. They’re up for more than the usual yearly renewal under July’s Cancer New Moon. This one has the added oomph of a solar eclipse, and provides a vantage point on all the relentless cleaning up, deconstructing and restructuring we’ve been experiencing and witnessing. A lot’s been stirred up. Now a hand hits the reset button and reboots our emotional cores –-unexpectedly and permanently.

Cancer is the Moon’s home base, ground zero not just for emotions, but also how we define, express and experience nurturing. Cancer is all about home, family (genetic, ancestral, chosen, tribal), emotional and financial security, and feeling so safe that you could sleep in the back seat of a moving car. The sign ranks traditions, nesting, and clucking over loved ones high on the hierarchy of values. Mommy issues reign supreme (including arguing over who gets to be the baby), and food is the currency of love. (Well, maybe guilt is the coin.)

All these factors are woven into Cancerian security blankets, which we clutch, usually against all reason, in the hopes they’ll bring emotional and/or financial safety. Our particular cloth inspires fierce attachment and devotion, not to mention a tenderness, nostalgia and sentimentality that can cause the gruffest among us to reach for a tissue.

Those latter qualities are flowing now, with the Moon in a distant trine to transcendent Neptune in Pisces. The link could be encouraging compassion, forgiveness and loving kindness as we contemplate and embrace inevitability and radically changing emotional landscapes, inside and out.

The definition of who’s in that protected sphere of family is a topic all over the news, nationally and internationally. This Moon makes the issue immediate in the US, which celebrates a birthday two days after the eclipse. The personal impact will have you seeking shelter in your own home base and/or gravitating to family (blood or chosen) – all with updates and upgrades, courtesy of the eclipse

A solar eclipse is a New Moon on steroids, with a playing out more potent and much longer than an ordinary moon cycle. This one is the second in a cycle that runs from summer 2018 through 2020, and it’s bringing themes back around we last explored from late summer 2000 to late summer 2002. It’s a doorway into vastly different dynamics, and not everyone or everything is going through it with you. Some are staying behind. Some are going through their own, separate doorways.

Awareness is keen of what is going away. An unavoidable evolutionary process has been running like a background program all year and intensifying since April, with Saturn and Pluto traveling near the doorway to the past, the South Node of the Moon. That process hooks into the emotional rebooting of the eclipse.

The New Moon is opposite a right conjunction between taskmaster Saturn and the South Node, bringing order and completion to ways of life we are leaving behind. Saturn rules structure, shoulds, adulting, responsibility and accountability. His work is tinging the Cancerian waters with somberness and sobriety, with resignation, with awareness of the passing of time, with a measure of exhaustion.

This New Moon promises to short circuit the slow, unhurried pace of Saturn and Pluto’s work. The nature of an eclipse is sudden change, and this one comes with an additional tripwire. Ever had a situation when you heard or learned something that changed your feelings in an instant, and you knew they would never be the same? That’s what’s in store.

Mercury, cosmic trickster and messenger of the gods, and Mars, planet of push and god of war, are clashing with Uranus, quick-change agent of volatility, awakening and liberation. Lightning bolts, flashes of insight, monkey wrenches and surprises are flying. They’re landing in our minds, in our words and the general flow of information, which respond with action – fiery, dramatic, attention-getting. The result is quick, startling developments that you probably didn’t see coming.

We’re all both receivers and transmitters. Forceful words create tangible breakthroughs (or downs). Unexpected information translates into ideas with immediate follow-through.

Some of the ruckus will facilitate the clearings and departures; some will fuel the upgrades in emotional expression and connection. Orient yourself toward what you want to nurture. The rest will take care of itself.

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