2019 Taurus New Moon

May 4-5, 2019
3:45 PM PDT / 6:45 PM EDT / 10:45 PM GMT / 8:45 AM AET
14 Taurus 10

Creature comforts come into focus under the Taurus New Moon. The event orients us to the physical experience and satisfaction of desires, here, now, stat! And likely has us running to them as refuge. (Stress eating alert!)

Yet what’s this? Could it be the tried and true is no longer fulfilling? So where do we turn now?

Taurus is the show-me sign. It takes life in with all the senses and values what’s in front of or next to it, rather than some abstract philosophy or maybe-someday. It likes predictability, certainty and reliability; it’s not big on rushing or change.

These days, though, it is the playing field for a archaic children’s game called Fruit Basket Upset. Taurus is ground zero for uncharacteristic volatility and radical shake-ups, with Uranus, cosmic agent of unpredictable change, now firmly in the sign. He and the New Moon are both in Taurus for the first time in more than seven decades, and they’re giving us a taste of the next seven years or so.

Dealing with the past is part of the groundwork. This New Moon delivers us full on into the practical and physical experience of pervasive structural and foundational excavation and renovation. They’re a theme of the spring and summer as influences of order and transformation move back and forth across the doorway to the past. The New Moon is in the easy flow of a trine to that the doorway, the Moon’s South Node in Capricorn (institutions, ancestral and tribal traditions, the way it’s always been), which pulls in the companions who are working it over, Saturn (planet of karma and adulting) and Pluto (lord of death, rebirth and hidden matters).

Our relationship to all of these enters a new phase with the New Moon. See if your stress reactions don’t lead you into new territory. Maybe you head for old standbys – the couch and TV, chips or ice cream, your drink of choice – and slowly notice they don’t really feel or taste good. Maybe your realizations are more about the energetics of situations, or the effects they have on your relationships, your finances, your creativity or things you value. This may be a slow dawning, or it may come on you with a flash.

No matter what you experience, you’ve got the stuff to address it and move ahead. This New Moon supports breaking habits and patterns and embracing new approaches and situations that further your needs and values and, most importantly, your own nurturing (the last one through the Moon’s sextile to the North Node in Cancer).

he Saturn/Pluto combo is a formula for controlled metamorphosis, full of incentive, follow-through and persistence that outpace the capabilities of your mortal mind.

They’re at your disposal as well, though. Conscious motivation and gumption are within reach. The Taurus Moon’s ruler, Venus, goddess of love, money and creativity, is collaborating with Mars, ruler of our drive. They’re in a harmonious sextile, which opens doorways and opportunities. Since Mars is in chatty multi-tasking Gemini, some of those involve messages and speaking up – as well as coming at situations from more than one direction, or dealing with several at once.

And some of that speaking up promises to be not merely bold, but also risk-taking to the point of disruptive. Venus is in Mars’ sign Aries, fiery, feisty and impulsive, which has her in huntress mode. She’s also sandwiched between two feminine asteroids that direct her desires and demands for their fulfillment: Vesta, guardian of the home fires, and Eris, goddess of discord.

The archetypal feminine is on the rise, as previous lunations have recently shown. Now she’s getting louder and demanding proof, satisfaction and that movie catchphrase, “Show me the money!”

Her wish list is growing larger, too. She’s in an exact trine to bigger-is-better Jupiter in Sagittarius, which adds philosophical, bigger-picture overtones to her wants. The link helps her (and us) paint a brighter future, maintain optimism and find reasons for hope and laughter. The link also encourages values with a greater purpose (perhaps legal, legislative or international).

That possibility also comes through the New Moon’s sextile to Neptune, dreamweaver, illusionist and font of compassion and higher love. Inspiration, meditation and loving kindness can be invoked to soften your physical experience, the ground you’re cultivating and the structures of the past you are clearing and reworking. The link to Neptune may also inspire patience for and understanding of the processes and fresh starts the people around you are undergoing.

So sink in to Taurus’ here-and-now vibe and fully experience physicality. How does it feel to current-time you? What are you over? What might you reorganize or reorder? What more do you want? Let your concept of what’s possible balloon. Speak up. Say what you want and need. And while you’re at it – what’s that elephant in the room? Care to comment on it?

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Image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay