2018 Sagittarius New Moon

December 6-7, 2018
11:20 PM PST / 2:20 AM EST / 7:20 AM GMT
15 Sagittarius 7

Image © Randall White 2014. Used by kind permission.

Go for broke. Shoot the moon. Reach for the stars. Don’t dream it; be it. Oh, why not? Dream it, too. Take two; they’re small. Heck, take them all.

So are the urgings of this year’s Sagittarius New Moon. It’s souped up, turbo-charged and pushing limits. (Limits? As if.) And our concept of what’s possible is only going to grow with it.

Sagittarius is a fiery energy that seeks to spread far and wide. (And avoid containment! The sign’s unofficial theme song is “Don’t Fence Me In.”) It’s ruled by expansive Jupiter, who has a knack for amplifying anything he touches. And that includes this New Moon.

He’s not merely in the sign of Sagittarius at present, but he’s also recently met with both the Sun and the Moon, who come into their meeting boosted by his extravagance. They remain close enough to be susceptible to his indulgence-encouraging ways. Hence the overboard impulses coursing through all of us.

Although Jupiter has been in Sagittarius for two months, this New Moon feels like a welcome home celebration. It’s fanning flames out of the sparks that have been glowing in the Sagittarius area of your life. Got something you’d like to take off? Get out bellows and blow away. From this New Moon those sparks will burn, burn, burn.

It’s time for fun, for laughter, for adventure. Curiosity is giving way to learning and pursuit. Optimism is growing. Opinions are escalating with ease into conviction, claimed truth and, of course, hot air. Supersizing is lifestyle. The more, the merrier; the bigger, the better.

Not everything is as it seems, though. All these sparks and flames and bonfires are blazing amid compromised atmospheric conditions: steam, fog, mists and otherwise limited visibility. They distort the environment and obscure the road. They soften excessiveness and aggression and overreach; they cushion falls when we overreach (but also cloak edges of cliffs, which some of us might just tumble off). They encourage escapism and fantasy and back those up with excuses, justifications, delusions and lies.

These conditions come off a square from the New Moon and Jupiter to the curious conjunction of warrior god Mars and Neptune, keeper of the cosmic fog machine. A square is a hard aspect that demands action, and Mars is the guy to deliver. His tightness to Neptune, though, makes the responses anything but direct, clear and targeted. (Think of what happens when you push water in a pool.) Instead, this pair dishes out misdirection, soft-pedaling and backhandedness, but also acts of compassion and faith, guardian angels and, whaddaya know, miracles.

Pit them against the Sag New Moon and Jupiter and you get steam. Smoke on the water. Fires on the water, even. (Oil spills, maybe?)

Be aware, as the Moon stokes your fires, that your vision is obscured. That won’t stop you, of course. It’s the time of the season to reach, run, jump, explore and fly. To spend hours philosophizing over coffee or beer (or debating/ arguing online). To indulge and gamble and laugh – especially when we tumble and end up on our backsides.

Inner adolescents are running amok, with nary a passing thought of failure, harm or mortality. As for limits, they are to be ignored, or defied, or pushed against. Perhaps foolishly, but you won’t know till you try. Besides, Saturn is in Capricorn, injecting a vibe of adulting (and, possibly, manifesting) into all our running and jumping and outrageous, boundless faith and optimism.

This Moon also carries a streak of Santa Claus. He’s in the Mars/Neptune conjunction, which smacks of a magical, mysterious benefactor, while the Jupiter-enhanced New Moon is a recipe for childlike expectation, wonder, awe and wish fulfillment. And well, well, well, look at the calendar: The New Moon coincides with St. Nicholas Day, when in some traditions children awaken to fruit and presents (or coal), delivered overnight by unseen hands. Coincidence? Of course not. There’s no such thing as coincidence.

So make like the White Queen in Through the Looking Glass: Believe six impossible things before breakfast. Under a Moon like this, some of them just might come true. Sound too good to be true? Maybe. Maybe not. Aren’t you curious? How could you not be?

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