2018 Virgo New Moon

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September 9-10, 2018
11:01 AM PDT / 2:01 EDT / 6:01 PM GMT / 7:01 PM BST / 3:01 AM AEST
17 Virgo 00

Ready for the backstory? The Virgo New Moon delivers the goods – and the powers of perception – to make sense of life, and especially the recent past.

After a summer like this past one, the sign’s gifts are both welcome and useful (a notion that Virgo approves): analytical thinking, discernment, identifying areas and means for improvement (in everyone and everything) and bringing order and regularity to schedules, routines and habits.

After so much chaos and confusion, these traits feel like superpowers. Their potency is also because of boosts from all the outer planets.

Virgo’s ruler Mercury is abuzz with grounding insights from his recent dance with order-loving Saturn and radical change agent Uranus. Their grand trine, exact two days before the New Moon, infuses our information, communication and transportation flows with responsibility, containment, ramifications and consequences, with jolts and twists in perspective and innovative approaches. The teamwork also spins out more of the story from Saturn and Uranus’ grand trine with the Sun August 25.

All of this, the shifts and the backstories, hang in the air (well, actually, come to ground is more like it) and color our Virgo missions under this New Moon. They affect the way we see life, think about life and talk about life from now on. It’s as if we’ve received new glasses, or had cataract surgery.

Or maybe we have X-ray glasses. They’re a possible byproduct of the Sun and the Moon’s dance with the remaining outer planets, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto.

Jupiter in Scorpio has a hand outstretched, offering sultry moves (as well as expanded perceptions and the ability to look below the surface). Pluto, lord of transformation, is moving in sync with the New Moon, easing cleaning, purging, restructuring and getting to the bottom of any project / problem / issue our minds tackle now. (He’s also encouraging evolutionary-scale changes in thinking and habits. Change your thinking; change your life is not just a catchphrase).

Across the dance floor is the distraction, the cipher, the X factor, dream weaver Neptune, in a close opposition to the New Moon. He’s enjoying heightened allure and mystery from a loosening trine to Jupiter (which was exact on August 19, but still close enough to be in force).

He’s beaming a gentle fog that could contain fantasy, or romance, or bliss, or fairy dust, or just plain dust. No matter; the opposition provides distance on whatever he’s emitting. The separation, plus this line-up’s enhanced powers of discernment and perception, help us find the illusion, delusion and lies in his seemingly gentle mists.

Watch for questions like: What is real and what is illusion? What is fake news? As a recording tape manufacturer used to advertise, what is live and what is Memorex? What is fool’s gold – sparkly and shiny but of no lasting value – and what is treasure?

That last line of inquiry pours the help of all the outer planets into the New Moon’s journey. We have the ability to to perceive what treasure has come into being – courtesy of the magical manifesting of the Jupiter / Neptune trine and Mercury’s hook-up to Saturn and Uranus. When you spy it, odds are illusions will lose their hold, if not appeal.

So we’re getting down to work. And want to, since it doesn’t feel futile for a change. To the contrary, talk and investigating and thinking are actually making a difference.

See if you don’t find yourself evaluating, analyzing, scrutinizing, sorting and recognizing, using new tools and technologies to make sense of life as it has become. This Moon phase will demonstrate unmistakably the nature of the terrain where life is now taking place – and that no pathways exist to take us back to where we’ve been. So look to the future. You’ve got the eyes and mind for it.