2018 Gemini New Moon

June 13, 2018
12:43 PM PDT / 3:43 PM EDT / 7:43 PM GMT
22 Gemini 44

Ready for a mental boost? The Gemini New Moon launches a new phase in the workings of our minds.

They’ve had a weird time of it lately. First they got shellshock from volatile Uranus moving into earthbound Taurus May 15. Then they got drenched in the inescapable non-rationality of a grand trine flowing from loving Venus to expansive Jupiter to transcendent Neptune.

The Gemini New Moon is adding lighter, breezier energies to the mix: curiosity, flexibility, changeability, playfulness, wit. words (LOTS of words!) and a knack for sidestepping, deflecting and – poof! – vanishing.

We’re not entirely out of the waters, though. Jupiter and Neptune are still traveling in a trine, overriding reason with a link between the deepest and highest parts of our being. And the Moon’s ruler Mercury is in Cancer, making communication more emotional and sensitive than the Gemini norm. The chatter rising under this Moon could have us speaking our hearts more. It could also encourage crabbiness, taking messages personally and staging pity parties.

They aren’t givens, though. Gemini’s nimbleness may have us darting and scurrying and at times skiing across the waters, instead of falling into them. Likely an emotional intelligence is permeating thoughts and words. In theory.

The softness is integral to accepting this Moon’s gift: opportunities to wrap our brains around Uranus’ shift into Taurus. Radically new conditions have arrived inside and out with real-world ramifications that we are only beginning to sense.

Wanna know more — and how this affects each sign?

With Mercury sextiling the cosmic change agent, circumstances are ripe for altering perspectives and opening to unconventional, unexpected and outright genius ideas – all of which end up having tangible, practical impact. You might also be differently – or more – emotionally expressive, perhaps suddenly, and probably permanently.

These opportunities likely come out of the blue. You can increase the likelihood of stumbling onto them by making like a Gemini – talking and gathering and sharing information, darting down rabbit holes and running after shiny objects.

Some of this exploration involves ghosts, memories and unfinished business. Mars, the ruler of our actions, has just crossed over the Moon’s South Node. The contact is a foreshadowing of his retrograde from late June to late August, a first wave of friends, men and associations from the past, which could just as likely show up in dreams, social media and email as in person. Watch for a rash of thinking and talking about the old days, and see if that doesn’t turn purposeful somehow.

All this might make us vaguely wobbly, woozy or disoriented. Don’t give sensations like that much attention. The New Moon is making a wide square to illusionist Neptune, which lends a funhouse mirror quality to information coming in and out. Objects in mirror may be closer than they look, situations may not be quite as they seem, and not everything you hear (or think) may be real.

In other words, more of the same we’ve been experiencing. And nothing a Uranian zap to the head can’t clarify.

The Moon’s overall effect is lightening our moods, if not our hearts, and escalating the flow of communication. Socializing quickly rises in popularity when Venus moves into Leo two hours after the New Moon. The love goddess flourishes in that regal sign, which brings out her flair for the dramatic and love of basking in the sun (or spotlight). Watch the vibe turn warm-hearted, generous and showy, with folks wanting to spiff up and spend time together. And talk.