2018 Virgo Full Moon

life preserver

March 1-2, 2018
4:52 PM PST / 7:52 PM EST / 12:52 AM GMT
11 Virgo 23 / 11 Pisces 23

The Virgo Full Moon is beaming down anchors – or life preservers – as we float on the sea of life.

Or as we flounder, as it’s felt for some lately.

No wonder: A whopping five bodies in everything’s-connected Pisces are facing down the intellectually inclined, Mercury-ruled Virgo Moon. She has formidable powers of discernment, discrimination and problem-solving on her own. For this event, she also has the help of order-loving Saturn, the planet of responsibility and adulting.

Stabilizing is at hand. Maybe a plan of action, too, though with all that Pisces it’s more likely to come from intuition that a logically constructed to-do list.

Full Moons always bring emotional cresting and harvest. In the reason-driven sign of Virgo, that could take the form of mentally gnawing and chewing on situations. Spinning in a whirlpool is not a given, though. Constructive responses, commitment and follow-through come naturally thanks to her lifeline to Saturn. All the better if you suit up and take ownership of your part in whatever’s brewing.

The Moon’s companions are a paradoxical blend of logic and faith, practicality and idealism, healthy boundaries and immersion in all that is.

She’s opposite the Sun conjunct dream-maker Neptune, lord of Pisces and the sea of life, the highest font of love, grace and transcendence…and also keeper of the cosmic fog machine. He’s wrapping our emotions in a gentle mist, softening them with compassion but also clouding, even distorting, them and so-called reality.

Not everything is as it seems. That message comes through the rest of the Pisces party as well. Mercury, ruler of our minds and information flow, is tightly conjunct relationship and money goddess Venus. Minds are melding in bliss, or maybe delusion.

Or maybe just melding. All this water is linking us effortlessly. Trust your gut. Whatever you’re feeling, sensing or picking up, the odds favor accuracy. With the pair’s exact trine to Jupiter in Scorpio, connecting is deep, profound, candid and revealing. Granted, fears can bubble up through that link to infect relationships, but so can intense feelings that you may not have allowed yourself to acknowledge. (Even the good ones.)

Uncomfortable information is coming up in ways that demand we deal with it. Warrior god Mars, ruler of our drive and the masculine archetype, is shoving against that Mercury/Venus combo, stirring talk and thoughts and values and compassion and realizations of commonality and connectedness. Watch for a tsunami of talk about guns, immigrants, laws and foreign governments, with Mars being in Sagittarius, and some of that involving sex, death and big money, with Jupiter (in direct link to Mercury/Venus, and also Sag’s ruler) being in Scorpio. (And let us pray that no new incidence of mass violence triggers the conversation.)

The final body in Pisces is adding to the discomfort: Chiron, embodiment of our abiding wounds. His presence makes it probable that melancholy, pain and other weird sensations have more to do with long-standing issues than with players and situations in time present. And some of those issues might not be yours at all. In the midst of so much Pisces, we’re all sponges and empaths, consciously or not, affected by the plight of all humanity.

Don’t be surprised, then, if this Full Moon brings another stage of healing crisis. Oh, goodie, you say? Actually, yes. Goodie, goodie indeed. This one has the potential to transmute something that’s plagued you forever. And this time around comes with a well-stocked medicine cabinet cum toolkit.

That includes the “Just do it!” hair-trigger motivation of a trine between first responder Mars and Uranus, awakener, rebel and agent of unpredictable change. Energies could erupt so quickly that you look back stunned at what just happened – or what you have just done.

Another tool is the three-way between Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, which could deliver an immovable knowing, perform surgery on your heart and psyche with laser precision, and/or link you to someone who utterly changes your life. (For the better. Jupiter’s in the house.)

And most beneficial of all is the guide rope trine between the Moon and Saturn. No matter what happens, how can you step up? How can you take charge of your tiny sector of the universe? How can you dry out, sober up, or otherwise take care of yourself? How can you be the adult in the room?

Prospects like those may not excite your inner teen, but they hold the power to avoid any energetic riptides that may be swirling around you. Then again, your inner teen may leap at opportunities, given how calendar-age teens have been stepping up to the plate since the last lunation.

And come what may, think with your heart – and feel with your mind.