2017 Aries Full Moon

woman with red fabric and sky

October 5, 2017
11:40 AM PDT / 2:40 PM EDT / 6:40 PM GMT
12 Aries 42 / 12 Libra 42

This year’s Aries Full Moon delivers a paradoxical blend of hot-headed emotions and sober calculation.

The pairing may be unusual, but it’s just the trick to dispel the confusion and overload of recent months.

Sleepwalking, avoidance, stasis, immobility — none are possible now. Constraints are exploding and we’re acting and reacting, with cosmic clipboard in hand. And maybe a shovel.

A Full Moon always brings situations and emotions to a head. Aries’ harvest is impulsive and impassioned, throwing caution (and sometimes social niceties) to the wind. Relationship issues are always in the mix, with the Sun opposite in the sign that rules them, Libra.

An Aries Full Moon lights up (and sometimes inflames) balancing the individual against the partner, or the union. This time the balancing act involves uncharacteristic texture and nuance, thanks to the cosmic triple punch that accompanies it.

First, the Moon’s ruler, Mars, is in an uncommonly restrained mode, thinking with his head instead of with his fists. He’s not only in the cerebral, detail-oriented sign of Virgo, but he is also conjunct his cosmic counterpart, Venus.

Both are coming off a clarifying, simplifying trine to Pluto, which summoned psycho-demons, survival instincts and bouts of cutting priorities down to essentials.

Stripped down, purified and raw, the ruler of our drive and sexuality is fusing with the ruler of our desires, relationships and values, in a mode of intactness and cleanliness. Our emotional and rational sides may be facing off in the Full Moon, but the masculine and feminine archetypes — which happen to ruler the Aries Moon and Libra Sun — are on the same page (another paradox!), both approaching their domains with discrimination, a willingness to clean them up and an eye to improvement.

No hearts and flowers event, this Venus/Mars conjunction. The cosmic lovers are squaring no-nonsense Saturn, demanding facing realities, getting serious, committing and proceeding responsibly.

The blending may cool Mars’ hot-headed, gung-ho tendencies, so that he’s more determined and pragmatic than pugilistic. It may also tone down the Full Moon’s fieriness. This bodes well for going into (or starting) an emotional bonfire knowing it’s for the best. Also for rebounding from pyrotechnics with cleaning supplies and an action plan. And maybe a shovel.

The second factor is the relief and exhilaration of recently acquired freedom. While not in aspect to the Full Moon, unpredictable change agent Uranus is in the Moon’s sign, and only last week gained release from a long-standing, long-building opposition from Jupiter in Libra.

Their tension has been challenging relationships to accommodate increasingly idiosyncratic individual expression. As our own drum has become more insistent, connections have either followed or applauded the beat, or dropped away.

Look for this Full Moon to light up reactions to this tension giving way. Here’s a shortlist: Awareness of breathing room; being well and truly done with situations that muffle or trip up your beat; choosing healthy dynamics with intact boundaries; and coming away with a sensible game plan for getting what you want

Any of those reactions comes with an undeniable urge to continue reshaping the foundations of your life and connections. That’s from the third factor injecting this Full Moon with uncommon textures and nuance: the Sun and the Moon making a t-square to Pluto in Capricorn.

This configuration provides an avenue for expression and release of the standoff between reason (the Sun) and emotion (the Moon), between other people (Libra) and the self (Aries). Each extreme is bearing down on Pluto in Capricorn, the cosmic agent of unavoidable change, in the sign of our infrastructures, institutions and traditions.

The pressure is creating another round of tectonic shifts. Resistance is futile. This process is subject to forces outside mortal control.

Foundations and structures are undergoing metamorphosis. Long-term goals and ground rules are evolving — just as we are evolving, and as our connections with each other are as well.

The t-square’s pressure is dumping out in the mid degrees of Cancer, expressing itself in issues of home, family, nurturing and tribal definitions. All of them are responding to the emotional crestings of this Full Moon, the heart/will decisions, and the evolutionary surges in our closest connections.

But mostly importantly, each of us is responding.

No need to force anything. Venus/Mars in Virgo will restrain you from that. It’s a truism of therapy: as a person changes, everyone else in the system shifts, adapts and changes, too. Focus on your experience, and trust that the rest is taking care of itself.