July 2017 Leo New Moon

woman against sun

July 23, 2017
2:40 AM PDT / 5:40 AM EDT / 10:40 AM GMT
0 Leo 44

Turn the ignition. Tap the gas pedal. Oh, why not: mash it to the floor. You know you want to. Besides, these days the slightest touch is going to put the pedal to the metal, so why not do it with gusto.

July’s Leo New Moon has us slipping behind the metaphoric wheel and letting our engines roar. Hitting the road, too, if you want — and again, the slightest touch…. Just know the big leg of the journey is yet to come.

This New Moon is the first of two we have this year in Leo. It is at the very beginning, in the first degree, unleashing the rawest, purest, most childlike expression of the sign of the self. It’s sparking energies that will propel us dramatically forward at the second Leo New Moon, which is the total solar eclipse, at the very end of the sign, on August 21.

Think of this month’s as priming a pump, or striking flint, or lighting kindling in a bonfire. Yes, those metaphors will play out in situations and events, but the more important location of their influence is inside you. This New Moon is stoking your inner light, and good luck holding back. Why would you want to, anyway?

The North Node in Leo has been inviting, encouraging, yea verily exhorting you to take the spotlight and express the urgings of your soul, boldly, fearlessly, exuberantly to all who can appreciate it. This Leo New Moon says come out and play already!

It’s not taking no for an answer, either. Mars, planet of push, is fused with the Sun and the Moon and kicking you (and everyone in creation) into action. Whether that’s a playful nudge or a boot in the backside remains to be seen. And could be both.

The effect could be as basic as rekindling the joy of being alive. This New Moon is an opening to fall back in love with life, and with yourself. (Guiding image: the child in the Sun card of the Tarot, naked, happy, guileless, basking in the warmth of the rays.)

Delight in being you. It’s fun, and after this year, who couldn’t use that? Plus it’ll lure curiosity seekers, who’ll check out the action — and playmates who share your delight. And probably add to it. (Cue the Sesame Street theme, “Somebody Come and Play.”)

This isn’t a formula for lazing about in the sun, though. The Mars-powered New Moon delivers the juices to push yourself forward, and how. Watch for power surges that arise organically, naturally and instinctively — you set out in a direction and whoooosh! Passions overtake and consume and set you on fire.

Excitement, playfulness, grand gestures and dramatics will abound. Leo is the sign of the showman, after all, as well as all forms of royalty — beneficent ruler, drama queen, queen bee, energetic imprint of past lives.

There are other potentials, of course. Less evolved Leo energy can present as the ambulatory center of the universe, with a self-regard or absorption that blinds a person to the existence of others (except as subjects or courtiers). If one enters your ambit, you don’t have to buy into the definition. Be amused. Laugh at it. Take advantage of the opening to be as outrageous as you please. This audience won’t notice.

And if it outrages or angers you, you won’t be the only person channeling those emotions. With Mars on the trigger, anger and aggression are givens. (Human steamrollers and bulldozers on the rise!)

Don’t fight; redirect. The power surges, the good ones, too, are rolling out motivation that’s impossible to ignore. If you’ve been looking for the rocket fuel to get something (perhaps your body?) off the ground, ready or not, here it comes.

So welcome the surges, the emotions, the impulses, the instincts. Have fun. Play with them. Let them flare. Ride them.

Don’t worry about the destination just yet. (If ever.) We’re all powering up for next month’s milestone solar eclipse. For now, surge and soar and roar.

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