2017 Gemini New Moon

woman blowing dandelion

May 25, 2017
12:44 PM PDt / 3:44 PM EDT / 8:44 PM GMT
4 Gemini 46

The workings of our minds and vehicles are up for a boost with this month’s Gemini New Moon. The celestial line-up promises innovative approaches with practical application and follow-through. Lots of them. Lots.

After the logjams, breakdowns and drama of recent weeks, this prospect is welcome to the point of exhilaration. Or giddiness.

Gemini energy is breezy and light, flexible and versatile, prone to unfettered motion wherever curiosity leads. That may dart here and there, in short attention span street theater (“oooh, shiny object!”), or it may quickly rotate among several focuses (a word that’s almost laughable in the context of Gemini) in multi-tasking or juggling.

And when the going gets serious – much less, rough — Gemini finds a way to dodge, to deflect, to crack a joke, poke fun and generally evade gravity.

It’s just the antidote to the current state of the our lives (be honest, now), and we are primed to apply it.

Our thinking, info streams and communication systems all have the benefit of a recent tuneup, which they received during Mercury’s retrograde and two-week visit with Uranus and the cosmic iconoclast’s catalytic, liberating and awakening properties.

Likely you are not clinging so tightly to certain thoughts, technology or situations. Now it’s time to run, skip and jump with our newly freed grip (and minds).

We might be vaguely wobbly, woozy or disoriented. Don’t give sensations like that much attention. (Make a joke, remember?)  The New Moon is making a wide square to illusionist Neptune, which lends a funhouse mirror quality to information coming in and out. Objects in mirror may be closer than they look, situations may not be quite as they seem, and not everything you hear (or think) may be real.

Instead, trust Gemini’s ruler, the fleet-footed messenger Mercury. Yes, he is a trickster,  but he’s uncharacteristically subdued, showing little of the nimbleness associated with his home sign of Gemini.

He is now well into Taurus, the first and most leisurely of the earth signs. Coming to ground gives him, and our thought processes, a measured pace, a steadiness and a bent toward practicalities and the concrete.

And he has valuable alliances under this Moon that will focus, embolden and motivate you.

Penetrating and profound truths are coming to light via the easy flow of a growing trine between Mercury and Pluto, lord of death and regeneration. This pair injects prioritizing and laser focus into Gemini’s willy-nilly ways. The duo gives communications enormous power and encourages changes with staying power. If you have a vehicle or device that’s limping along, the Mercury/Pluto link makes letting go possible with ease.

Get-up-and-go is also at our disposal. The ruler of Taurus, the sign Mercury is currently lazing about in, is Venus, goddess of love and money and all that we value. She is in fiery, feisty Aries, which cloaks her in huntress mode and provides the oomph to pounce on what we want. This injects a definitive combustiveness to gallavanting after this or that shiny ribbon, piece of news, flirtation target.

That combustiveness could turn more than we bargain for — or land us in darker territory than expected. Venus is making a harsh and demanding link to Pluto, which pits the lord and lady of desire and money (at the extremes of beyond ordinary mortal comprehension and within our worldly grasp). “I want” becomes “I WANT,” shouted from our very cells and circumventing or disabling rational thought. That pretty shiny trifle might lure us magnetically into compulsion, obsession or intensity that was masked by Gemini’s light-heartedness.

No matter what primordial impulses may be doing to us, on a conscious level we are not at war with ourselves. The embodiment of the feminine has the help of the masculine now, which affects both how we approach the world and how interactions flow. Venus is making a cooperative opportunity aspect to Mars, ruler of our drive — and also ruler of the sign Venus is occupying.

Mars is geared for a multi-pronged campaign for all of Venus’ high-energy orders. He is quick, nimble and versatile right now, from being in Gemini, Mercury’s home. He’s equipping us to tackle many tasks at once, and to send out many, many ideas like arrows, much like in the Eight of Wands in the Tarot.

The three — mind, desire and drive; Mercury, Venus and Mars — are in a simpatico flow.
The Moon’s ruler Mercury is answering to Venus, who is answering to Mars, who is answering to Mercury, and back again.

The ménage à trois, with the assists from Pluto, gives this Gemini Moon depth and range. They’re setting off a process we’ll cycle through repeatedly over the next few weeks: Think. Gather data. Ruminate. Feel a desire and leap at it. Walk your talk. Multi-track. And back into the loop to think some more.