2017 Cancer Full Moon

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January 12, 2017
3:34 AM PST / 6:34 AM EST 11:34 AM GMT
22 Cancer 27 / 22 Capricorn 27

How’re your food cravings these days? Your moods? Staying close to home? Tearing up at ads? Missing your Mommy? It’s all part of the cellular pull of the Cancer Full Moon. If only the rest of the sky would let us crawl under a blankie and enjoy.

A full moon always brings emotions and nonrational impulses to a crest, and none so much as when she is in her natural sign of Cancer. Have you ever gone back home or visited relatives and found old childhood needs, behaviors and dynamics resurfacing? A similarly automatic regressing happens under a Cancer Full Moon.

It stirs issues of home, tradition, comfort and nurturing, in the context of long-term goals and security, and responsibility and dependability. Throws in heaps of shoulds and guilt. And poses the ever-changing questions of who’s the mommy, who’s the daddy, and who gets to be the baby.

No wonder folks are hypersensitive. What we want is something — a hug, a doughnut, a soft stuffed animal — to make us feel safe and secure. 

Unfortunately, plenty out there in the world is making us feel anything but that. A lot of people aren’t getting with the program…though, surprisingly, a lot are. Just not consistently who you might have expected.

We’re feeling a monumental evolutionary surge. The Sun has just passed the clarifying, simplifying scythe of Pluto, agent of unavoidable change. He remains close enough for our consciousness to tingle with awareness of our newly honed sense of self.

We can’t go back to how we used to be. Relationships, alliances and agreements are now playing catch-up in response. They’re bearing the brunt of the unavoidable undercurrents and stresses accompanying this Full Moon.

Part of the tension comes from boundless Jupiter being in Libra, aka Relationship Central, exactly in between the Sun and the Moon. Reason and emotion are bearing down equally on him, demanding awareness, expression and action.

All three participants, the Sun, Moon and Jupiter (forming the dynamic configuration of a tight t-square), are getting riled up non-stop. Agitation, disruption and seemingly unresolvable conflict are in the mix. Perhaps you’ve noticed?

They come from the fiery, uncontrollable duo that has been inflaming the core wound of our nation’s psyche: volatile, unpredictable Uranus, advocate for rebellion, liberation and alternate perspectives, and his current traveling companion Eris, goddess of discord. Lovely couple, right?  Just who you want to have in your home. Where they’ve taken up residence for the foreseeable future.

They’re opposite Jupiter, upping the noise level and making it hard to find common ground or points of compromise. They’re arguing for breaking off on your own, in some cases through other people acting hell bent on stirring up trouble. They aren’t inclined to shut up, either.

Hence the extremes in emotional waters — some turbulent enough to warrant dramamine, some as soothing and nourishing as amniotic fluid. This year’s Cancer Full Moon is showing, more than the usual, who and what feels safe, and who and what decidedly does not.

Based on that status report, the concept of family, so sacred to Cancer, may well be up for redefinition. This goes for legal and blood family as well as chosen and tribal connections.

Relatives are the first front. They’re center stage now, whether they’re in your life (and face) at the moment or popping up energetically. You might be finding certain dramas extending past the holidays, or be experiencing your emotional reactions to them only now.

More than in the past, lines of demarcation have a lot to do with politics, world view and value systems. Thank Saturn, lord of order, rules, the patriarchy and the status quo and, of course, the Capricorn Sun. He’s in the sign of Sagittarius, where approaches to and philosophies of life can become fiery and judgmental.  He’s cooperating with Jupiter in Libra, while fueling those rabblerousers Uranus and Eris.

That teamwork is adding to the condescending, patronizing, self-righteous and condemning blasts so many of us are receiving and observing (but not sending out, right?), and the widening of gulfs that feel less and less bridgeable.

Discord is running rampart, straight into the heart of families. With so little room for peacemaking, compromise or reconciliation — for the moment, at least — ties of blood and shared memories are losing their hold. Instead, this Cancer Full Moon is awakening appreciation of trusted family, chosen family, safe havens and realigned tribes.

It’s also steeling your backbone to stop looking for safety and nurturing from people who are showing so clearly that they are unwilling or incapable of giving it.  And to stop feeling responsible for people, no matter what their legal relationship to you may be, who don’t want, need or appreciate your efforts to care for them.

The good news:  What’s safe and supportive has staying power. We’ve got the motivation to embrace and protect it. Saturn is conjunct Juno, queen of the gods and protector of marriage.  They’re encouraging deals, alliances, serious relationships and legal marriages, complete with license and rings. (Cue Beyoncé.)

The bottom line, so dear to Capricorn?  What makes you feel safe and secure is up to you. This Full Moon promises to show you what that means and inspire you to cherish and protect it. And maybe deliver an updated answer to the eternal questions of who’s the mommy, who’s the daddy and who gets to be the baby. (Hint: Could be you.)

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