January 2017

photo of woman in the dark striking a lighter

January sets the tone for the year:  blasts of forceful, fiery action, passions and emotions, interspersed with pockets of contemplation, grace and renewal. Think of a cosmic hand feverishly working a cigarette lighter,  taking a periodic break, then returning to the lighter with renewed, relentless vigor.

The high energy of late December is still with us as the clock strikes midnight. Then foglights — or heartlights — lead into the year. The air of nostalgia, gentleness and moment outside of time are only a way station, as action hero Mars joins Neptune, lord of transcendence and illusion. (Since the sea is also his terrain, this meeting could foreshadow fighting for — or over — water as a theme of the year.)

Those qualities permeate relationships and the way we look at our fellow humans when love goddess Venus slides into Pisces herself on 3rd.  Compassion and empathy flow more freely; idealism, magic and romance are in the air. All these qualities infuse Venus’ desires and the marching orders she’s giving to her consort Mars, and carry on all month long.

The sparking begins when retrograde Mercury backs into Sagittarius on the 4th. Snarls, investigations and do-overs switch from plodding and practical to impulsive, high energy and political. Look for reasons to laugh; they abound.

The cosmic hand bears down on us from the 7th – 11th. Self-awareness heightens. Pressure mounts to break out of prisons (inner, family, relationship) and strip down to core personal truths.

While we’re morphing, pronounced touchiness is likely at the Cancer Full Moon on the 12th. Issues of emotional security and sustenance boil over and inspire search parties for Mommies and blankeys.  Spoilers: (1) They’re an inside job; (2) the optimal response to the pressures:   consolidating your own personal power.

Mercury stations direct during this challenging stretch, on the 8th. The noise level of the growth process counts to mount till the 12th, when the winged messenger regains solid footing and practical orientation in Capricorn. That day brings the second of the month’s pockets of contemplation and renewal.

Coinciding with the Cancer Full Moon, this one carries a risk for squalling (see above), but also a wondrous oasis of escapism. It’s not only harmless, but absolutely what the doctor ordered:  a magical blend of earthly love and compassion (Venus) and  divine levels of the same (Neptune). Soak good and long. These waters are balm for heart and soul (not to mention catnip for certain star-blessed romances).

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Then comes another push, as Mars engages law-and-order Saturn in a shoving match, on the 19th.  A steamy force emerges from the waters and demands accountability, responsible action, perhaps a sacrifice. Watch for issues of how well personal codes line up with spiritual guidance or the greater good. Shortfalls require corrective action.

Another pause arrives on the 25th, this one with profoundly curative properties benefitting desires, creativity, relationships and issues of worthiness. Venus, ruler of all we value, meets Chiron, the healer who gave up immortality to become fully human and overcome a wound that would not heal. They’re opening a font of gentleness, compassion, loving kindness and forgiveness, all of which can flow from you to yourself.

Just for this moment, it’s okay to be human. It’s easy to see commonality in fellow humans. It’s easy to view others through the eyes of God. Remember what you see and experience and sear the experience into your heart. They may slip off the radar as the year intensifies.

Venus has her own shoving match with Saturn on the 27th. The clock is ticking. Boundless love finds its limit. Connections feel the call for structure and commitment, or for pulling back. One approach is steamy, the other dampening. Both could lead to comparing and contrasting a particular connection (or relationships in general) with long-held attitudes and beliefs, and seeing which end has to give.

The calculus becomes more objective the next day at the Aquarius New Moon, on the 27th. In its detached, intellectual light, stepping aside a few inches comes easily. Take the breathing room. Take the elevated perspective. Take the future vision and drink in where you’re heading.

While you’re still getting your bearings, the cosmic hand hits the lighter but good and inspired action follows. Bravado, gumption, derring-do, risks, aggression, anger, assaults, strikes, just plain getting up and getting going — all erupt and spread when warrior god Mars enters his home sign of Aries on the 28th.

His homecoming coincides with secrets emerging from behind the scenes, secrets that have been flirting with exposure since Mercury turned away from Pluto and went retrograde on December 19. The winged messenger meets the lord of the underworld at last on the 29th.

Disclosures are likely involving levels of power and money that evade most humans; the political and international news promises to be stunning. On the mere mortal level, watch for revelations and truths that clarify and simplify much (though perhaps with a sharp intake of breath).

Metaphoric breaking glass follows. With a chaser of high-octane activity in response.

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