2015 Gemini Full Moon

Full Moon in clouds

November 25, 2015

2:44 PM PST / 5:44 PM EST / 10:44 PM GMT

3 Gemini 20 / 3 Sagittarius 20

The real-world impact of ideas comes home to roost at the Gemini Full Moon. It delivers an emotional report card that we can’t hide — which won’t stop some of us from trying. It rewards responsibility. It motivates responses and reactions. And it brings constraints, sanctions and repercussions

Since Gemini is an air sign, you might expect a full moon in it to be more intellectual and detached than emotional. Not this one. It’s laden with heavy energies, finger-wagging, patronizing and aggression. On the plus side (there’s always a plus side), the line-up inspires maturity, wisdom, taking control of your information flow and assuming responsibility for thoughts, words and belief. Behave like a grown-up, and you will reap solid emotional support. Otherwise, it’s cosmic nun with the ruler time (the question being who’s the nun and who’s the target).

Stern, consequence-oriented Saturn and trickster Mercury are ganging up on the Sun and Moon. The two planets are opposite the Moon and on the side of the Sun, waiting for him to cross in the next few days. As the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, planet of gab and getting around, is the host of this event. He’s hardly his usual happy-go-lucky, high-flying self, though. Saturn has been putting the brakes on Mercury of late. The effect runs the gamut from feeling hopeless to feeling muzzled or stifled to feeling grounded and stable.

Feeling reactions all, despite the Full Moon occupying an air sign. Messages are landing hard. Developments you’ve worked toward are hitting blocks and frustration. Requirements you’ve let slide have been closing in, demanding attention (or leading to consequences).On the other hand, evidence is popping up of emotional support. Look for words of support, solidarity, acknowledgement of like-mindedness or long-standing appreciation. They do exist now. Don’t just be on the receiving end; send out a few yourself.

Saturn is affecting both sides of Mercury’s personality. The lord of order is reining in the didactic, jingoistic, my-way-or-the-highway tendencies that the winged messenger takes on in Sagittarius, the sign he’s currently traversing. Since Mercury has two faces, though, he’s also assuming Saturn’s authority in some circumstances: saying “no” or “not now;” lecturing; pontificating; causing drivers to make like traffic cops. There’s a flip side to this authority. If you are experiencing constriction and disappointment — feeling boxed in, overwhelmed, suffocating, being driven to tears — first, acknowledge and vent your reaction (in other words, don’t add to the stifling). Then look for a different perspective. Inspect the box, the seams, the walls for any crack or window or way around. The solution may be in how you are looking at the situation.

The relationship links to Saturn and Mercury add to this Moon’s character of ideas piercing — or touching — the heart. The pair is in a shoving match with illusionist Neptune, which is whipping up confusion, delusion, lies, religiosity and issues of compassion, blurred boundaries/borders, martyrdom and sacrifice. (This is exact for Saturn on Thursday and returns in March and the beginning of June next year. )

It’s a tricky game, because Saturn rules structure and form, and Neptune is completely formless. The Saturnian impulse is to contain, but how do you grab a cloud? Or the ocean? Neptune’s input is dissolving structures and rules, so subtly that we don’t see. (Don’t think our social compact isn’t being eaten away; the heat is turning up on the proverbial lobster pot.) Meanwhile the shove has pushed Mercury’s trickster nature over into silver-tongued devil mode, playing fast and loose with the truth.

Under this configuration, the more a lie is broadcast, the more people adopt it as truth. Smoke and mirrors, spin doctors and misdirection are in overdrive. They’re easy to spot in the news. You may be too close in your own life to detect their presence. Trust your gut or guidance. Remember that actions do speak louder than words, and that these days, a lot of actions are deflecting attention from words, and vice versa.

Warrior god Mars is in a cooperative aspect to both Mercury and Saturn, one that equally pumps up assertiveness and motivation, on one end, and aggression and anger on the other. Mars is delivering the courage to speak your heart and — what’s this week about in the US again? — express heartfelt thanks, maybe with a side dish of love and forgiveness. (How about showing aging relatives compassion? Elders and authority figures losing their hold on reality/sanity are part of Saturn squaring Neptune.) He is also encouraging bully pulpits, intimidating speech, interjection of religion into government and furious pronouncements about social, legal and international issues that range from (and in some cases, blend) messianic to crazy to dictatorial. (Hence the rise in  political figures openly inviting and justifying violence against citizens, not to mention arguing for unconstitutional actions.)

As that extreme behavior escalates, this Full Moon will call some speakers to task for the consequences of their ideas — or it could weave them into the collective discussion with a staying power that squelches dissenting viewpoints and erodes the ground rules. Apply that dichotomy to your life and to your Thanksgiving plans, and adapt your behavior accordingly.

The caution from the November outlook holds: Throw out that childhood maxim, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  They certainly could now. With Mercury/Saturn directly opposite the Full Moon, matters that might otherwise be entirely intellectual are mobilizing emotions. Words — and the beliefs they reveal — can wallop. Words can make a heart black and blue. Words can have lasting ramifications. And everyone could be mishearing, misconstruing or misunderstanding, because of the Moon’s ruler Mercury pressing the button long and hard on Neptune’s fog machine.

Forewarned is forearmed. Thanksgiving week is simply going to feel and play out differently than other years, even the recent ones that already broke from old ways. This gives you some latitude to make up your own rules. Declare certain topics off-limits. (Politics, for starters.) Cut back your obligations, social calendar, guest list and even menus to only what is truly important to you.

Focus on the positive, security-building potentials inherent in this Full Moon. (Yes, you may have to dig for them. Effort pays off.) Look for the ideas, words and information sources that feed and support you emotionally — and that nurture your long-term projections. Take responsibility for the thoughts, ideas and words coming out of you, too. Strive for compassion, forgiveness and viewing people through the eyes of love. Speak maturely and from the heart. Clean up your side of the table. The exercise is good for the soul and will help sink your anchor deeply into yourself.

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