2015 Scorpio New Moon

woods-690415_1280November 11, 2015
9:47 AM PST / 12:47 PM EST / 5:47 PM GMT
19 Scorpio 00

“What Lies Beneath” is the theme of the next four weeks. The Scorpio New Moon sets us on a journey into dark, hidden places full of undercurrents, subtext, secrets and enormous treasures. It promises simplifying, clarifying answers and profound truths, with danger, monsters and psychological demons along the way.

Communication is a huge part of this journey. Cosmic messenger Mercury is the last body the Sun and Moon cross before meeting and remains alongside them for the New Moon. His presence colors this phase with important travels of the mind and body. This stands to make conversations, messages, nonverbal signals and even normal getting around intense and revealing, conveying meaningful data, building intimacy, triggering massive realizations and clearing out debris.

Pay attention to vibes, hunches, tingling in your gut or very cells.  Every part of our beings is both transmitting and receiving info for now. Everyone is experiencing heightened ESP.  Trust yours. Pay more attention to that, and to nonverbal communication, than to any words you hear or read.

The phenomenon of widespread telepathy has the potential for immersing us in the experience — and awareness — of connectedness. An open flow from the New Moon and Mercury to Chiron is stirring longstanding wounds, and potentially soothing them as well. (Some possibilities: feeling different, isolated or abandoned; being martyr to other people’s problems, pains, burdens.) The flow has the effect of dunking into a solvent that eats away tarnish and grime. The flow is also dissolving separation, opening us to the plights, emotions and energies of others. Some of that is downright nasty these days. If you can reframe over-the-edge behavior (for examples, look at the political news around the country) as childhood terrors on high alert, that may steer you toward understanding. And as for the garden variety trials and tribulations around you, see if you don’t witness and experience an unlocking of gentleness, compassion and letting people off the hook. Including yourself.

Much of the exploration during this Moon phase involves huge shifts that began sinking in (or broke apart) in October. Scorpio’s ruler Pluto has just come off the first of three boosts from optimistic, expansive Jupiter.  (The other two are coming in March and June.) This time that beneficent god had assists from Venus, ruler of all that we value, and Mars, ruler of our drive. October’s developments identified relationships, financial arrangements and creative possibilities that have the promise of — and inspire us to work toward — long-term growth and stability. (Sone of that identifying was by elimination, you may have noticed.) Watch for information to come out of the woodwork involving, explaining and fertilizing all of these.

Actively work with this Moon’s energies. Research those developments, learn more about the people involved (and what’s in their undercurrents), and explore their potential for reciprocity, trustworthiness and delivering a return on investment that is meaningful to you. With the power of Scorpio, you may not have to work hard at all. Simply direct your antenna or radar or thoughts to an issue and see what floats up.

The potential is off the charts to learn much:  What the stakes really are. Who you can and can’t trust. What your own fears are. What to cut out. Where to put fertilizer and what substances to use for that. Think of the process as a landscaper doing an assessment of the condition of the grounds, before the perennials sprout and blossom again.

At times the process may be considerably less pleasant, more like watching sausage or laws being made. You might see things you wish you could unsee. Remind yourself that we are all human. Then choose who and what you allow to remain. This New Moon comes with opportunities to make situations you care about firm and real. With a caution, though: Objects may not be where they appear. Or what. Confusion and deception are clouding the air, our thoughts and many of the words flying around. Saturn, the ruler of structure, is increasing the output of Neptune’s cosmic fog machine.

Words will not get you through this:  not reassurances or promises or directions. What will? Trusting your gut, your hunches, your knowing. Trusting your dreams and inner guidance. (To turn yours on and tune it up, listen to my Internal Guidance System mp3.) Heeding danger signals. Asking to be shown the truth (be sure you really want to know, though). Harnessing the probing, tenacious, fearless perceptivity that is Scorpio’s power. And using that power for everyone’s highest good.

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