Using Astrology Consciously – Part 3: Understanding Other People


Astrology can also help you get along better with family and friends. It can do this in two main ways.

Astrology can also help you get along better with family and friends. It can do this in two main ways.

The first is opening your eyes and mind to the other person’s reality. When you learn the dynamics in someone’s birth chart, you get a glimpse into into how that person is wired. A birth chart can tell you how someone takes in and processes information, what he values, what motivates him, where he feels unsure of himself, how he expresses emotion (or not) and what he needs in order to feel safe, secure and loved. Knowing this gives you an instruction manual for interacting with that person. You wouldn’t yell at left-handed person for not catching a ball with his right hand. You wouldn’t speak Russian to someone you know speaks only Spanish and blow up when he doesn’t respond. If someone’s chart tells you that he has a detail-oriented mind that goes through a matter step by step by step, you won’t (or shouldn’t) lose patience with his inability to jump immediately to the big picture, as obvious as it may be to you. This kind of parallel carries through in all of the characteristics of a personality. When you know someone’s chart, you have a better shot at communicating harmoniously and cooperatively. You’ll approach him more from his perspective and not automatically impose your agenda, methods, goals and frame of reference on him.

Astrology can also give insight into how you and another person relate. Comparing your planetary positions shows what areas of life each of you activates for the other. It reveals how each of you attracts, energizes, inspires and irritates the other and gives the outlook for growth and longevity. If the birth times of both people are known, you can also create a chart of the relationship, which gives the basic purpose, dynamics and impulses of the union that exists between the two of you.

Part 4: Planning and Decision Making

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