Finding Calm in the Eye of the Storm Part 5


Being good to your body, scheduling down time and making time for yourself

Be Good to Your Body
Besides reducing the irritants in your environment, take a look at how you treat your body. Be aware of the amount of stimulants you consume without thinking. It’s common to reach for coffee, colas and tea several times a day.

Make it easier to decrease caffeine intake by widening the variety of beverages you keep on hand. Stock up on flavored mineral waters, herbal teas and decaffeinated breakfast drinks. Replace soft drinks with juice and sparkling water. Mix them together to dilute the juice’s sweetness and caloric impact.

Schedule Down Time
You schedule so much in your life already; slot some time for sanity, too. A regular relaxation regimen works easily into a daily schedule. Begin and end each day with a brief period of quiet time and concentration on a reference point. You don’t have to set and accomplish a goal, what’s important is that you calm and focus your mind.

As little as five minutes will make a difference. You can even practice relaxation in the shower in the morning and at night before you go to sleep.

With repetition, your body will quicken its release of tension. If you relax in a regular place or posture, merely settling into your procedure will make your body begin to relax, through conditioning.

Starting the day off with relaxation will do more than just make you feel good (which, incidentally, isn’t such a bad benefit in itself.) Your calm state is a great springboard for preparing mentally for the day. Think of everything you want to get done and set an order of priority. You can also concentrate on a centering thought, such as, “I focus my energy and use it efficiently.” This process will give you a point of reference for dealing with the inevitable unexpected developments of the day.

Relaxing at the end of the day also prepares you for the time ahead, but for a slightly different purpose. It’ll help clear your mind and increase your chances for a peaceful, refreshing night.

Make the Time – For You
Learning how to relax isn’t hard. The biggest hurdle you’ll encounter will be your own reluctance to set aside time. But remember, spending a few minutes on yourself will enhance the value of the rest of your day. Not only will your mind be more calm and focused, but you’ll improve your outlook and your sense of humor. And that can only help your productivity – and enjoyment of life. Be forewarned, though: relaxation can be habit-forming.

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