Chart Your Course Through the Stars Part 3: Locational Astrology

Now that you’ve figured out what to do with yourself, where’s the best — or easiest — place to do it? Astrology offers two ways of answering this question.

If you’re open to living in another part of the country (or the world), astrolocality is for you. This method examines how the planetary energies of your birth chart would interact with various places on the earth. Astrolocality translates your chart’s energies into grid lines and places them across maps of specific geographic areas. If your birthplace happens to fall on one of these lines, you carry that energy with you whether you live, says Betty Ramsey, owner of Astrological Services of Las Vegas. Otherwise, the closer you are to a particular line, the more its energy will be in your life.

Where you want to go depends on what you want to experience right now. If you want to rise to the top of your profession, look for a Mars or Saturn line. Living on a Mars line will energize you; Saturn will bring hard work and delayed rewards — and might be depressing.

Go to a Venus or Jupiter line for a laid-back atmosphere. Venus is also good for relationships and Jupiter could bring luck, particularly if you’ve got a gambler’s chart. You won’t feel motivated in either place, because both influences encourage laziness (not that you’ll care!)

If you want to shake up your life, head for your Pluto line. Some astrologers recommend staying away from this (President Reagan was shot on his, Ramsey says) but it doesn’t mean danger, just change.

Once you pick a place, another astrological method can help you decide exactly where to live within it. Local space astrology relocates your birth chart to a particular city and shows how your energy lines run through it.

It’s helpful for picking a home with energy that matches (or doesn’t interfere with) what you want. It’s also good for determining the route to take to work. “Any energy a planet carries, if you’re doing that in your work, it’s the better line to travel on,” Ramsey recommends, because it gets you in synch with your day.

If your work is mental, rather than physical, travel on your Mercury line. Use your Venus line if you’re in design, fashion or the arts. Traveling on your Saturn line might be hard or unpleasant, unless you’re a student or an authority. Avoid the freeway if it falls on your Neptune line; you might zone out or fall asleep. If you’re an actor or musician, though, this line is for you.

And once you’ve found your new home, set it up by combining your local space chart with general feng shui techniques. Use the energy lines as guides for where (or, more often, where not!) to place furniture, appliances and decorations. (Being on a Uranus line, for example, could cause electronics to malfunction. It’s not a great place for your bed, either; it might well make for exciting sex, but it won’t bring restful sleep!)

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