Chart Your Course Through the Stars Part 2: Your Astrological Work Style


To jumpstart your career brainstorming, find your sign in this guide to astrological work styles. If you know your ascendant, Moon, or Mars placement, check that out, too.

To jumpstart your career brainstorming, find your sign in this guide to astrological work styles. If you know your ascendant, Moon, or Mars placement, check that out, too.

No one has more enthusiasm and energy than you. You see (and often dream up!) the big picture, but tend to move on before it’s time to follow through on details. You need excitement and contact with people.

You are a self-starter. You enjoy the thrill of the hunt and excel at deal-making. When a crisis calls for heroism, you jump in; when you’re determined, woe to anyone who gets in your way!

You need: challenge
You thrive: in charge — or alone
Job matches: entrepreneur; fire fighter; NASCAR driver

Of the fire signs, you work best with others, as long as you’re boss. Whether you’re acting like royalty or an overgrown kid, you have a knack for the grand gesture. You inspire loyalty, enjoy being generous — and throw great parties.

You need: adoration
You thrive: at the top; in the spotlight; at play
Job matches: cruise director; event planner; TV host

With your warm, sometimes goofy sense of humor, you keep things light at work. Sitting still does not come easily; if you can’t be outdoors, your curious mind loves to go exploring. You’re fascinated by anything foreign, whether people, places or ideas.

You need: adventure
You thrive: on the move, physically or mentally
Job matches: anthropologist; ethnic cookbook publisher; wilderness tour leader

You understand how things work, from machines to tools to the human body. Practical, detail-oriented and methodical, you can work on your own within an organization.

You’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty, literally or figuratively. A sensualist even on the job, you have an earthy eye for beauty, an appreciation of food and drink, a green thumb and probably a pleasing voice, to boot.

You need: sensory involvement
You thrive: on physical comfort
Job matches: art handler; singer; winemaker

You were born to fix. With a sharp, analytical mind, you have a knack for spotting –and eradicating — the flaw in any situation. You’re a whiz at organizing, problem solving and dishing out advice.

You need: a project
You thrive: on improving something
Job matches: advice columnist; office manager; Reiki master

Your innate respect for authority makes you well-suited for corporate life. Perseverance is your forte; when you set a goal, you also plot every step necessary to achieve it. You enter a situation intent on staying put — and advancing as far as you can.

You need: a long-term target
You thrive: on material pay-off
Job matches: engineer; corporate strategist; financial planner

You have a quick mind and a distinctive way with words, which makes you ideal for directing any flow of information. Verbal stimulation is important; you prefer working with friends and often turn co-workers into them.

A born communicator, you have a knack for putting concepts into words that everyone can understand. You’re a gadget geek and snap to (and up!) the latest technology. You’re also a walking trivia encyclopedia.

You need: to talk, talk, talk
You thrive: on the telephone
Job matches: Internet content developer; media relations; quiz show writer

The most visual of the air signs, you have a good eye and graceful aesthetic sense. You are also a master of the artful phrase. Acutely aware of the presence of others, you prefer pulling strings (or pushing buttons!) to open confrontation.

You need: harmony, within and without
You thrive: amid books
Job matches: fashion editor; mediator; talent agent

Because you naturally think outside the box (and into the future), you do best in an environment that welcomes innovation You’re a clearinghouse of people from all walks of life and could launch a placement agency with your contacts.

You need: intellectual freedom
You thrive: on making the world a better place
Job matches: alternative medical practitioner; high-tech product development; science fiction writer

Because you invest yourself emotionally, you need an emotional pay-off as well. Feeling needed and part of a group motivates you. You’re so perceptive and sensitive to your environment, though, that you do best with some isolation.

You are naturally inclined to take care of details, obligations — and people. Because you bring an element of nurturing and the home onto the job, you work well as a mentor. Hardly prone to job-hopping, you have an institutional loyalty that borders on blood ties.

You need: a nest (for security) or a shell (for protection)
You thrive: on responsibility
Job matches: antique dealer; B&B operator; chef; personal shopper

You have a penetrating ability to read situations and people while keeping a poker face. Little shocks you, so you can deal with things that would frighten others. You love handling money, the bigger the bucks, the better.

You need: power
You thrive: on secrets, whether keeping them or figuring them out
Job matches: FBI agent; investment banker; sex therapist

Your chameleon-like nature adapts well to different environments and gives you a talent for mimicry. Because you exude understanding, your shoulder is the one everybody wants to cry on. You exist easily with illusion, whether through film, theater, music or therapy.

You need: magic
You thrive: on making a difference
Job matches: soundtrack composer; therapist; voice actor

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