Using Astrology Consciously – Part 1: Weather Forecast

Summary: You check the weather report, don’t you? You wouldn’t go outside in a bikini if the forecast was for temperatures in the 20s, and you wouldn’t schedule picnic when a thunderstorm is on the way. Astrology can give you the same type of informati …

Chart Your Course Through the Stars Part 3: Locational Astrology

Summary: Now that you've figured out what to do with yourself, where's the best -- or easiest -- place to do it? Astrology offers two ways of answering this question.

Chart Your Course Through the Stars Part 2: Your Astrological Work Style

Summary: To jumpstart your career brainstorming, find your sign in this guide to astrological work styles. If you know your ascendant, Moon, or Mars placement, check that out, too. To jumpstart your career brainstorming, find your sign in this guide to …

Chart Your Course Through the Stars Part 1: Vocational Astrology

Summary: Your chart clarifies your goals, aptitudes and attitudes -- not just about work, but about money and authority, too. It sheds light on how you communicate, whether you're good at details or working with your hands, and which fields match your …

The Magician: A Poster Child for Astrologers

Just within the Tarot deck lurks a poster child for astrologers. It’s an inspirational icon for the highest aspect of what we do — and a warning of the dangers inherent in it.

Chart Your Course Through the Stars: Introduction

Summary: As you make resolutions for the new year, why not use astrology as a planning tool? This ancient science can help you plot a career path, pinpoint what you want in a job, suggest fields you haven’t considered. and even find a great place to li …

What Type of Business Entity Should You Use?: Sole Proprietorships, Corporations and Other Legal Beings

Once you start accepting money for readings, you have launched a business and entered a web of legal considerations. The business form you choose for your practice affects your taxes and your legal liability. There are four types that are most likely to be appropriate for an astrology practice.

Tax Issues for the Unsuspecting Astrologer

If you accept money for readings or sell reports or recordings, you have become a small business owner, whether you think of yourself as one or not. As such, you have entered a web of legal rules that apply to you, whether you know about them or not.

Finding Calm in the Eye of the Storm

When you’re caught in a whirlwind of activity, minimize stress by learning how to relax.