Kathy Biehl

2017 Gemini New Moon

May 25, 2017 12:44 PM PDt / 3:44 PM EDT / 8:44 PM GMT 4 Gemini 46 The workings of our minds and vehicles are up for a boost with this month’s Gemini New Moon. The celestial line-up promises innovative approaches with practical application and follow-th …

A Bit About the Nodes

My May forecast prompted questions about the nodes. The starting point is this sentence in the forecast: "The nodes of the moon shift to the axis of the current eclipses, Leo/Aquarius, on the 10th, which also sees the Pluto-ruled Scorpio Full Moon." Q: …

2017 Scorpio Full Moon

May 10, 2017 2:24 PM PDT / 5:24 PM EDT / 10:24 PM GMT 20 Taurus 24 / 20 Scorpio 24 The spring’s plot twists and epiphanies are delivering us to the emotional culmination and release valve of the Scorpio Full Moon. This one has the power to send us deep …

May 2017

May promises a crazy-quilt of epiphanies and breakthroughs; explosions and implosions; structure and solidifying; and ever-greater commitment to self. And beyond the broken glass from so many shattered light bulbs, life-changing messages and streamlined priorities.

2017 Taurus New Moon

The Taurus New Moon, in the first, most primal earth sign of the zodiac, invites attention to the physical circumstances of your life. It’s time to cultivate, immerse, experience, enjoy, touch, taste and savor -- and set up the conditions that will bring you more.

Using Astrology Consciously – Intro

Astrology is a full-spectrum guidance system that can help you understand and plan every single aspect of your life. The more you know about it and the more you use it, the more consciously you can work with the energies within yourself, within other people and out in the world.

2017 Libra Full Moon

The Libra Full Moon always spotlights the energetic seesaw we call relationships. This year’s emotional status report promises to be more richly textured than the norm.

April 2017

Push-pull is the theme of the month. The key’s in the ignition, the foot’s on the gas pedal and yet...one force after another invites lingering, checking the mirrors, and shifting into reverse. Sounds like a retrograde at work, right? Actually, several …

2017 Aries New Moon

And we’re off! Call it kundalini, life force, spring fever or waking up. The Aries New Moon, the first moon of spring, is unleashing primal instincts and propelling us into the season.

2017 Virgo Full Moon

Being in your head is not necessarily avoidance. Sometimes stepping back and having a think is a healthy response.