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My sessions explore what is happening inside and outside of you.  What kinds of influences, opportunities and challenges are here or coming. What you can and want to do about the concerns you bring. We may talk about the role of other people, but I bring everything back to you.

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What’s the difference between astrology and Tarot?

Astrology gives more specific information. It pinpoints windows and dates for influences, pressures and opportunities. It identifies cycles that are coming back around for you. It puts what’s happening now in the context of what’s happened to you before. It is an effective route to understand how you, or another person, or a relationship, is/are wired.

Tarot is suited for an overview of a situation (or your life now), asking targeted questions, exploring undercurrents and motivations, and evaluating alternative courses of action.

Okay with overwhelm? Here’s a list of all my services. Otherwise...

Read about and order an astrology consultation.

Read about and order a Tarot consultation.

Read about and order a personal energy management session.

Read about and order an animal reading.

Not sure what you want or need?

    If you want a road map or a lot of specificity, choose astrology.

    If you’d like a basic understanding of your birth chart, or another person’s, or a

        relationship’s, order a chart interpretation report.

    If you want quick, broad information, or the ability to ask a lot of quick questions,

        choose Tarot.

    If you are sensitive to your environment and other people’s moods and

        emotions, and/or having trouble letting go of conversations, and/or exhausted

        by other people/the world/life, choose energy management.

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